The value of physical and online networking is an essential but often elusive element to developing a business.

Last month's series of presentations — sponsored by the Small Business Centre, Regional Development Australia, CAPS and Puzzle Consulting — were aimed at developing this potential.

Attendees at the luncheon, workshop and Women In Business seminar heard from leading experts Linda Le and Ron Gibson, who gave presentations on the importance of both online and physical networking.

For more than 25 years Mr Gibson has built his business on showing others how to generate business through networking and referrals.

“You can go to these group meetings and you have these good conversations, but it’s not until you get one-on-one time with someone that you really start to build a relationship and explore the possibilities, ” he said.

“The key to relationships is to create success for other people — be a giver not just a taker; it’s about joining community groups, sporting clubs, you name it. But if you’re sitting at home pumping out resumes to people, they won’t get read.”

Ms Le began as a social media ghostwriter — a person who maintains social media profiles for businesses and other consultants.

Now a leading Asia-Pacific authority on LinkedIn for personal branding, marketing and strategy, she teaches how to develop an online presence that will make a profit.

“I normally say the LinkedIn profile has five areas people take care of the most — have a professional profile photo, have a clear headline of who you are, ” she said. “In your summary include an overview of what you’ve done and what you’re doing right now; it’s that personal touch, then there’s your work experience. And finally, the social proof — what everyone else is saying about you.”

Small Business Centre Goldfields business organiser Frederica Dillon said there was a great turnout to the events.

“It’s fantastic to have these high-profile presenters here, ” she said. “It’s about learning what to do outside of the nine to five.”


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