Young jobseekers should brace their nerves before an important interview and follow these simple tips on staying calm and securing the position on offer, says recruitment firm Michael Page Australia.

Visualise success: Imagine answering questions with confidence and poise, building a good rapport with the interviewers and leaving the room feeling happy with your performance. Focus on the best-case scenario — it will help you keep your composure in the lead-up to the interview.

Practise your responses: Interview nerves are often caused by a fear of the unknown. Rehearse answers to common questions and practise them out loud with a friend to gain feedback on your delivery.

Be prepared: Confirm the name and contact number of your interviewer, the time you should arrive and what you plan to wear. Have all relevant documents on hand, including your CV and examples of past work. Give yourself plenty of travel time.

Take your time: Take a few seconds to consider the question, breathe deeply and focus on speaking slowly and clearly. Avoid delivering an answer that you hope might be correct. Instead, keep calm and ask the interviewer if they feel you have covered their key points.

Think positively: Remind yourself of past successes and concentrate on the strengths you could bring to the role. Avoid putting expectations on yourself to give perfect answers or thinking about things over which you have no control, such as the competition. Instead, focus your energy on simply giving the best interview you can.


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