Need a change?

We’ve asked the image experts for some great tips on sprucing up your look.

Wardrobe watch

When it comes to an image overhaul, style is the big one to tackle. But don’t make the mistake of trying to be ultra-fashionable and buying everything the models in magazines are wearing, says Westfield personal life stylist Olivia Morgan.“Things in magazines do not suit everyone. Or their budget or lifestyle.”

“Assess your lifestyle and sit down and think about any gaps you might have. If an invitation arrives for a cocktail party and that fills you with fear, then you need to look at having some great ‘fall back on’ dresses in your stable of clothes.”

Stock up the classics to create a stylish wardrobe, rather than what is in fashion right now and will only be around for the next six months, she says.

“You’d be better buying a really gorgeous tailored black suit or a beautiful black cocktail dress, and then having a little fun with some costume jewellery or a great pair of shoes that are in a fantastic colour that’s on trend for that season.”

Modernise your ‘do’ as you mature

As you age, hair should have more of a style but also be far more natural than your younger days, says Schwarzkopf’s Grant Withnell.

This means staying away from poker straight hair or a long mane hanging down your back.

“If you’re ironing your hair straight, it’s not going to be that flattering for someone who’s a bit older. Whereas if you blow dry it straight, that’s a much softer finish to the look.”

Also be wary of extremes in hair colour, as being too dark or too light can dramatically age the face. Instead, Mr Withnell recommends opting for a fresher, warmer look with highlights.

“But the best advice would be to talk to a good stylist. They might have some good ideas for softening down your look or creating a bit more movement in it.”

Whiten up

A sunny smile will instantly brighten your face.

The Australian Dental Association says power bleaching — the bleaching done in-house by dentists — is immediate, but several appointments may be necessary depending on the level of whitening sought. There is also a home-bleaching tray available from dentists’ which usually requires 10 days to work.

Make-up matters

  • Don’t rub in foundation as you would a moisturiser because this can coat the hair on the face and makes you look hairy, according to make-up artist Yvette Gray.
  • Avoid wearing darker night-time make-up during the day, as well as too much make-up. “It can make you look like you’re wearing a mask and draws attention to the make-up and not your features, ” she says.
  • If lines are starting to make an appearance around the eyes, avoid shimmery eye shadows, Miss Gray advises. Also, don’t make the mistake of putting more make-up on those areas; this will only accentuate the lines.
What can a stylist do for you?

A personal stylist is not just for the rich and famous. Olivia Morgan says a stylist or personal shopper can potentially save you lots of time and money and will be up-to-date with what ranges are in-store, what styles will continue throughout the season and what good investment pieces are.

Most importantly, they will be brutally honest.

“Not in a ‘your bum looks big in that’ way. But they will give you an honest opinion, and that’s really important, ” Miss Morgan says.

Items all women should have

What you have in your wardrobe should reflect your lifestyle and personality but Olivia Morgan suggests the following essentials:

1. A great pair of jeans, black or blue

2. A quality black suit, whether a suit, dress or pants

3. A couple of cotton sundresses

4. A range of colours in pashminas for both casual and formal occasions

5. A pair of tailored shorts

6. Boots in both black and brown

7. Ballet flats

8. A great pair of trainers


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