The world of make-up is continuously evolving — new fashions drive new developments in cosmetics and, no matter how subtle, each season sees a change in make-up trends.

But one thing remains constant; the need to know the make-up basics. This is essential no matter how radically make-up looks change.

1. Get good skin

Good skin really is the key to good make-up. Your skin doesn’t have to be perfect, it needs to be well looked after, with the right products so that it is the best canvas upon which to apply make-up.

Skin care is the most important aspect of any make-up application. Prep the skin before applying make-up and always remove make-up before bed. Someone once told me if you sleep with your make-up on, you risk ageing three times faster.

I use Bioderma Crealine, ($29.99, stockists: a gentle, non-irritating make-up remover, instead of face wipes. I find wipes tend to have a higher level of alcohol and can dry the skin.

It is common for people not to know their skin type. Skin is always changing. It can be dry in the morning but oily by the afternoon.

Many women have dehydrated skin over winter but, come summer, it can feel quite shiny. Try to read your own skin and judge if it needs exfoliation or hydration.

2. Why prime

All primers contain silicone, although the quantity can vary. This is why some tend to feel quite silky and others sticky. This silkiness is the silicone, allowing the make-up to “float” on the skin.

Primers hold make-up on longer; they give the skin a smoother finish and tend to blur away imperfections. You can also get correcting primers which have a slight green or purple tone through them. The green works to counteract any redness in the skin and is useful to those who tend to flush quite easily. A purple- toned primer works to counteract any yellow pigments in the skin, especially useful for those who tend to look quite sallow.

Primer is a make-up prepping essential.

3. All about that base

Regardless of whether you are using a full- coverage stick foundation or a lightweight CC cream, the most important aspect is that you are wearing the right colour. Don’t waste your time matching your foundation to the colour of your hand — your face is a completely different shade.

I always match foundation to the chin, this way I can see the tones against the skin on the face as well as the chest and shoulders.

4. Get the lashes right

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul; and this may be why I love the look of lashes. Take time to apply your mascara and avoid smudgy messes on your eyelids.

How to apply mascara correctly: look down and raise your eyebrows — this will stretch out the eyelids. Apply from under the lashes first, working from the root to tip. Concentrate your application on the outer and middle lashes to open the eyes. If your eyelashes are straight, you may want to invest in a lash curler. Shu Uemura’s New Generation Lash Curler ($18, stockists: is smaller than other curlers, which makes it easier to control.

5. Blushing beauty

The essential step in any make-up look is a little cheek love. Use blush or bronzer, you choose your weapon. You can even do both.

The base will always take away from your natural, flushed cheek because it works to even out our skin tone to be one colour. Applying a little bronzer or blush, you can restore a natural looking tone back into the skin.

It doesn’t matter if your make-up is for the office, a glamorous evening out or just a fresh daytime face, no look is complete without these five make-up essentials.

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