Inside Cover gives some tips for shopping, working or living in the CBD.

Writing this shopping guide, it occurred to us that people who work in the CBD shop differently to those who flock to the malls at the weekend.


The latter has all the time in the world to wander about, trying things on, putting items on hold while other , very similar items, are tried on in other stores before, eventually, returning to the first item, hours later, to make a purchase.


Do these people need our help? No, they have the time to figure it out for themselves.


A CBD worker, on the other hand, often has to get it done in a lunch break, so that retail mission requires strategy.


Here are our suggestions for specific shopping scenarios: Find The West Australian on Facebook to add your tips.



Have some pride in the small cubicle you call home for eight hours a day, five days a week, and pimp that desk with an ornament or two.


Personally, we’d go for one of these porcelain garden gnomes from Pigeonhole, or stroll across to the Art Gallery of WA gift shop for something a little more highbrow.



Guys, when you’ve got to deliver a presentation to the board, or a similarly stressful workplace cliche befalls you, nothing says “Don’t make me redundant” like an old-fashioned power tie.


Sure, you could choose from hundreds of ties at David Jones or Myer but when “Parker & Co.” is the answer to “Where did you get that tie”, you’re playing with the big boys.



A CBD office can be a competitive environment, especially in the fashion stakes, but if it’s a game you have to play, might as well play to win, ladies.


And while CultStatus on King Street isn’t cheap, that new Proenza Schouler bag or those Valentino Rockstud slingbacks will pay for themselves when you see your co-workers turn a shade of green.



It’s midday, two days before payday when you’re skint, and you have an hour to buy a new outfit and wolf down a sausage roll before being back at the office — where do you go?


Sorry, TopShoppers, we think Zara is a better option.


The Spanish fashion chain built its reputation peddling affordable style and, when you’re poor in terms of time and money, it is muy bueno.



Buying a present for your own child should be a labour of love, something you commit serious thought to, but that birthday present for your mate’s seven-year-old? Yeah, not so much.


Go to the Australian Geographic Shop in Carillon City and buy the first thing you lay your hands on. Sorted.



How you approach buying a gift for a co-worker who is leaving the office permanently is dependent on a number of factors.


First, do you like the person or is it an obligation gift — if it’s the latter just get them a card and a scratchie, you’ll never see them again, anyway.


However, if you want to maintain some kind of post-work relationship you’ll need to put in more money but not necessarily effort.


For women, anything from Aesop’s Enex100 or St Georges Terrace stores will be a home run and for blokes just get a bottle of *insert favourite type of alcohol here*.


If his poison is single malt whisky, try Liquor Barons on Wellington Street.