As mornings get colder, rain becomes more frequent and the sun disappears before we’ve barely finished our day, the beach workouts of summer seem a lifetime away.

It’s easy to slack off on your workouts during winter — but cold weather doesn’t mean fitness has to grind to a halt.

We ask leading trainers how to stick with exercise by bringing it indoors in winter.

Brendon Rabbitt, Australian Institute of Personal Trainers Campus Director, Goodlife Myaree

“Harness group power through winter — use the camaraderie of a supportive team environment, ” Mr Rabbitt says.

He recommends heading inside for small-group training sessions, crossfit or trying out a new indoor sport through winter.

“Bikram yoga can also get you out of the cold and be a useful change-up to your typical exercise routine, ” he says.

His top winter workout? Modified strength training.

“I love the benefits of modified strength training, ” Mr Rabbitt says.

“Some exercises to do indoors include farmer’s walk (carrying a weighted object in each hand), dragging a tyre while walking or running backwards, pushing a weight plate along the ground or flipping a tyre end over end.”

Try this:

- 24 speed squats, 24 speed lunges, 24 jump lunges and 24 jump squats. Do this for 20 minutes.

Nicolle Harwood-Nash, manager at Victoria Avenue Fitness Centre

“Set your goals through the winter months — whether weekly or monthly — and commit to them, ” Ms Harwood-Nash says.

“Our summer bodies are created in the winter months, ” she says.

Her top winter workout? Intervals on the cross trainer.

“One of my favourite indoor exercises to do is some interval training on the cross trainer, ” Ms Harwood-Nash says. “Not only does it get your blood pumping and burn calories, it makes you feel great — and very warm.”

Try this:

- 30 seconds of push-ups, 60 seconds of squats, 60 seconds of cross-body mountain climbers, 30 seconds of tricep dips and 60 seconds of alternating lunges (do this for 20 minutes).

Caley Reece, Riddlers Gym trainer

“Mixing up your exercise is the best way to keep yourself motivated — keep some days for cardio, some for strength, stretching and of course, days for relaxation, ” Ms Reece says.

Her top winter workout? Blitzing it at a 24-hour gym.

“Just because it’s raining and cold outside doesn’t mean we can’t exercise inside, ” Ms Reece says.

“There are many 24-hour gyms — try kickboxing, strength and conditioning programs, crossfit, Pilates and hot yoga.”

Try this:

- 10 burpees: for great cardio and as a lung burner, using the whole body.

- 10 alternating lunges: to work the legs and glutes.

- 10 sit-ups: to tone your abs and help with core stability.

- 10 push-ups: to tone and strengthen arms and chest.

- 10 squats: to help with endurance in your legs and work the glutes.

Repeat all exercises for five minutes, rest for one minute. Repeat four times. Do this for 20 minutes.

The above programs are suitable for people who are of good general health and free from restraining injuries.


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