Getting set to slip on that bikini? After a brisk winter and a wet and chilly spring, there’s work to be done.

The skin

Cottesloe’s Affinity Day Spa manager Alex Gavranic says when it comes to looking radiant in a bikini, the key is to exfoliate and hydrate the skin regularly.

These two treatments are essential not just as you prepare for unveiling your bikini bod but throughout summer too. Exfoliate to scrub away dead skin cells, dirt and salt to leave the skin polished and then follow up with hydrating moisturisers to nourish the fresh skin beneath.

Added moisture for the body, hands, neck and face are required throughout summer. Keep a moisturiser in your handbag and at your workplace to pop on whenever you remember.

Fake the tan

Forget sunbaking in anticipation of your first beach visit — fake-tan it.

There are some fantastic DIY fake tans available now, or invest in a spray tan — the technician will match the correct shade for you and you’ll have an even application.

“We’re recommending St Tropez which Kate Moss, Liz Hurley and Victoria Beckham use, that’s really popular for our clients at the moment, so that also includes a body exfoliation beforehand, just to get your body feeling really good, ” Ms Gavranic says.


If it’s freckles, redness, broken capillaries and pigmentation that are bothering you, you still have enough time to have treatments on these areas before the weather heats up too much.

“We do a lot of IPLs (Intense Pulse Light treatments), peels and microdermabrasion, ” says Elke Richter, director of Advanced Beauty Concepts and Medispa in Claremont and Mosman Park.

She points out some of the body issues treated when prepping for bikini season can be the result of previous sun damage and emphasises that certain treatment options are best undertaken in the lead-up to the hot season, not right through the heat of summer.

“We generally suggest midwinter, leading into this period now, is the safe time, up until roughly mid-November.”

Treating body acne

Back acne — affecting women and men — is an unsightly problem in a bikini but, according to Ms Richter, it can be treated.

Skin needling also can help to treat existing scarring.

The bikini line

But perhaps the most important beauty issue before donning a bikini is dealing with the bikini line.

Michele Biddle, owner of Erazer Intense Pulse Light Clinic in Claremont, says IPL hair removal is now hugely popular as an alternative to waxing.

“A problem for a lot of clients, especially after waxing, is ingrown hairs on the bikini line, ” Ms Biddle says.

“It can be very embarrassing and no amount of exfoliation can help — it could even be making them worse by spreading the bacteria to the surrounding follicles and, in some cases, the ingrown hairs can lead to scarring.

“Continual shaving can also lead to rashes and rough, tender skin on the bikini and underarm areas.”

Intense Pulse Light destroys the root of the hair.

“After the treatment, the hair grows back significantly finer. For most clients, after two sessions on the bikini line, ingrowns will be under control and skin will be smoother. Continued treatments spaced at seven to eight-week intervals will lead to most of the hair permanently reduced.”

Ms Biddle cautions that no IPL or laser treatment can claim permanent hair removal, only permanent hair reduction.

The face

Medical aesthetician Anna Robinson, of Assure Medispa in Subiaco, recommends Photonlite light therapy as a great summer treatment to keep facial skin looking vibrant and fresh, as well as being safe to do through the warmer months.

“Photonlite is a brand of LED (light emitting diode). It’s an entirely non-invasive, non-laser treatment which starts working immediately and has the added benefit of reduced sun sensitivity compared with laser-based procedures, ” Ms Robinson says. “Light is emitted into layers of the skin to stimulate cells to produce new collagen — essentially tricking the skin into thinking it’s younger.”

Assure recommends LED for treating fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage, acne, rosacea and stretch marks.

“A course of LED treatments starting now will correct a dull complexion and give the skin a perfect glow in time for summer, ” Ms Robinson says. “We recommend between eight and 12 treatments, depending on the issue being treated.”

Don’t forget!

Before you step outside in your bikini, remember:

  • Don’t forget the pedicure to ensure great-looking toes on the beach.
  • When you wear a bikini, remember to wear sunscreen all over the body, not just the face.
  • Keep in mind many sunscreens are anti-ageing — ask your beautician to recommend an SPF 30+ sunscreen which offers protection from UVA and UVB rays but contains anti-ageing properties.

Tips courtesy Elke Richter, Advanced Beauty Concepts and Medispa in Claremont and Mosman Park.

Easing the burn

If you do get sunburnt, Affinity Day Spa manager Alex Gavranic says the first step is to reduce the heat.

She recommends use of a gel-based coolant to help achieve this; aloe vera is your best friend at this stage.

“Once the heat’s come out and you’ve got peeling and there’s no redness, we can recommend light treatments (to reduce the damage), ” Ms Gavranic says.

Her best advice for sunburn?

“Don’t exfoliate at all! It causes more dry skin.”

What you need after sunburn, she says, is hydration, hydration, hydration.

“We’ve got some beautiful milk masks we can put on the skin but again, the heat has got to come out of the skin first.”


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