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Chris Dutton 5TH Element Fitness

• Set yourself a consistent, regular routine and stick to it.

• Make it fun and it will keep you coming back.

• Set fitness goals but keep them simple, realistic and achievable.

• There are plenty of activities you can do indoors and at home to burn calories and keep your fitness levels up, just use your imagination.

• Sign up for a large-scale event or challenge, it will keep you focused and accountable and you might even enjoy it.

Glen Austin Anarchy Training Centre

• Use the cooler months as an opportunity to try some indoor classes such as boxing, spinning or strength and conditioning.

• Winter can be a great time to join a sporting team to keep you motivated, maintain fitness levels and catch up with friends at the same time.

• Set short-term goals that are easily reached, such as aiming to exercise three times a week or doing an extra round on the bag.

• Trade dark mornings for a lunchtime workout as the perfect way to break up your day.

• Remember the pain of coming back from an extended period of inactivity and use that to keep you motivated and on track during the cooler months.


Glen Austin from Anarchy Training Cenre. Picture: Gerald Moscarda


Alice Round The Body Consultants

• Structure your workouts into your diary as you would any weekly appointment.

• Use winter as an opportunity to improve on strength and muscle building.

• Get yourself organised the night before so there are no excuses in the morning.

• Join a group session, find a workout buddy or a gym partner so that you are more motivated to keep going.

• Alter your schedule during winter if you have to. If cold, dark mornings are a struggle, schedule a lunchtime run, just make sure you’re consistent.


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