Three ways to turn your boudoir into an inviting retreat

1. Cosy bed linen - “Bedrooms can immediately have a cosy factor by simply updating the bed linen — just swap out all the cool linens and colours and use cashmere or wool throws, in rich greys and warm colours such as green or burgundy, which will bring instant warmth, ” Elaine Devereux, of Sebastian Alexander in Jolimont, says.

2. Luxe lighting - “Good lighting can change a room in an instant, ” Bedshed stylist Jennifer Ratten says.

“Many beds now contain built-in lighting options so you can snuggle up in bed with a good book and have adequate lighting where you need it.

“Lamps also provide beautiful mood lighting that pools to create mood rather than harsh overhead lighting.”

3. Velvet is back - Tactile and luxurious, velvet is making a comeback straight off the fashion runways and into our homes, according to interior designer Natalee Bowen, of Indah Island.

“Velvet really is a wonderful fabric that helps create a sophisticated mood for winter, but you need a make sure it is the right texture — soft and lush, not heavy and dense, ” she says. “Velvet is a great fabric to do plush comforters for the bedroom and I use it on bedheads for deep buttoning and also on beautiful chairs and sofas — get the right velvet for these and it is pure indulgence.”


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