Bullied and teased as a child because of her extreme height, WA netball star Caitlin Bassett has launched into fashion to try to help others with the same issues.

Bassett said she often wanted to be invisible during her youth and used her sporting prowess to cope.

Now the 26-year-old has created an online “confidence range” of clothes to accommodate taller girls and young women.

“Growing up, I obviously struggled to find clothes to fit me, ” Bassett said.

“I never really liked tight-fitting clothes, so I wore boys’ clothes because they were baggier.

“So my range is really loose-fitting and relaxed, with extra length in the body for those who need it.”

Caitlin Bassett. Picture: Mogens Johansen


Bassett said she had brainstormed the clothes range about two years ago, but her international duties with the Australian Diamonds had robbed her of time needed to develop the idea until now.

The West Coast Fever goal-shooter has started with only four lines, including the “Self- Assured Singlet” and the “Courageous Crop-Top”. But she expected the range to expand quickly via feedback and suggestions for new lines from customers.

Visit caitlinbassett.com.au


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