To the uninitiated, a brow makeover may seem a little bit indulgent.

But, like the saying goes, once you’ve tried it — you’ll never go back. And the reason for this is that a properly shaped and coloured brow can dramatically improve your look for the better.

Having trained with Claremont brow specialist Matt Yuko, and then worked with Alison Jade in Cottesloe and Maurice Meade in Claremont, Queta McGrath has now opened her own brow studio; Queta Brows in Mosman Park.

“Having a brow makeover can really transform the whole look of someone’s face, ” Ms McGrath tells Mind+Body.

“It enhances the shape of the face and the eyes and gives your whole face a lift. I’ve had women say to me that they can’t believe how different they look after having their brows done.”

And what Ms McGrath enjoys the most about being an eyebrow specialist is helping people’s natural eyebrows shine.

“I love helping people rehabilitate their brows, ” she said.

“There’s a long list of eyebrow crimes; a lot of women have over groomed their arches or they over fill them. But with a bit of love, in three to six months I can usually bring them back to their best.”

“For me the most perfect eyebrows of the moment belong to models Lily Collins and Cara Delevigne but I’m happy to help create individual looks for each of my clients.”

Queta Brows is at 5 Glyde Street, Mosman Park. To book, SMS 0488 133 444.


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