The shorter, darker days of winter are upon us and winding down, according to Dulux colour expert Andrea Lucena-Orr, now is the perfect opportunity to incorporate some colour into your living space.

“Surrounding yourself with colour can really lift your spirits on seasonal days, ” she said. “Translating deep and rich colours into a divine and decadent space is the perfect remedy for the changing seasons.

“Add some beautifully textured fabrics, a blend of patterns and your favourite things and you have created the perfect escape from the cooler temperatures outside.”

So what are the colours that are heating up our homes this season?

1. Great greys

Murobond Paints’ Rowena Judd said warm greys were a hot shade.

“We’re seeing lots of greys such as Ash & Moonlight from the Mr Jason Grant paint colour range, ” she said.

Interior designer Shaynna Blaze, brand ambassador and creative director for Taubmans and a judge on Nine’s The Block, agreed grey was a key colour this season. “Using a grey with a dusty blue base reflects the stormy skies we associate with cooler days, but the hint of a soft blue sees the promise of blue skies to come, ” she said.

Hot hue: Murobond Ash & Moonlight

2. Sugar hit

For a soft, relaxed vibe in living areas and bedrooms, Masters paint buyer David Ryan suggested bright gelato accent shades against white and soft cream backdrops. “Wattyl paint colours such as Breezy Day, Fifi and Graceful White will help you achieve this look, ” he said.

Hot hue: Wattyl Breezy Day

3. Pretty in pink

Ms Judd said feminine, fun pink and watermelon shades were making a comeback this season.

“Pink and watermelon shades such as Sasanqua and Jewel are making a comeback, too, ” she said.

Hot hue: Murobond Jewel

4. Purple reign

“Deep rich purples . . . like Taubmans Endure Dark Heather, are great for a master bedroom as they evoke an elegant, romantic and sophisticated mood, while also having a masculine quality, ” Ms Blaze said.

“Use a crisp white for trims and furnishings to create contrast against dark coloured walls for a dramatic effect.”

Hot hue: Taubmans Dark Heather

5. Be tempted

“This beautiful orange-brown adds warmth to any palette, ” Inspirations Paint colour consultant Nicole Pryde said of Temptress by Dulux.

“Create a rustic, earthy style by pairing it with other warm orange, red and bronze tones.

“For a modern look, pair with warm greys of varying intensity.”

Hot hue: Dulux Temptress

6. Hot chocolate

Ms Blaze said chocolate hues were ideal for creating a warm feel, particularly in entranceways. “The entry to your home is all about creating a warm welcome, and you want to feel like you are stepping into a soft environment, ” she said.

Hot hue: Taubmans Big Wig

7. Neutral territory

“This season we’re seeing a rise in the popularity of nostalgic colours such as Dulux Linseed and Natural White, which can be used to create a peaceful retreat, ” Dulux’s Andrea Lucena-Orr said. “Whites and neutrals are not only warm and classical, they suit any style of room and can be successfully combined with vibrant accent colours.”

Hot hue: Dulux Linseed


Dulux Linseed. Picture:



8. The winter yellow

“Yellow has been a very ‘on trend’ colour recently and it still is relevant to interior schemes now, ” said interior designer Shaynna Blaze. “As the temperatures changes, the vibrancy of the yellow you use should tone down. Look for yellows that have a depth to them, so it takes the edge off what you tend to call a ‘sunny yellow’.”

Hot hue: Taubmans Golden Orb


Taubmans Golden Orb. Picture:

9. Sophisticated style

Interior designer Jo Lively, of Brush Interiors, said she was loving warm neutrals paired with navy and black.

“A warm, bright hue such as Golden Marguerite by Dulux creates a sophisticated yet cosy colour palette that oozes warmth and character, ” she said. “Bolder tones such as Dulux Malay Grey, Ticking and Domino are three dynamic choices that will provide depth and character to your living and dining areas.”

Hot hue: Dulux Domino (pictured)

10. Green with envy

“Creating a strong colour scheme like this requires a daring attitude, ” Shaynna Blaze said of this vibrant green-based room. “But when all walls are enveloped in colour the room takes on a sense of great character.”

Hot hue: Taubmans Pear Cactus


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