1. Turn your kickboards into pull-out — or plinth — drawers to store flat items like platters, trays and chopping boards, suggests IKEA interior designer Chantelle Penny. "Store everything from baking trays to freezer bags and if there are small children in the home, they provide easily accessible areas for keeping drawing pads, chalks and toys close at hand."

2. Howards Storage World’s Cathy Player recommends fixing an open shelving wire rack against a spare wall to store breakfast foods, appliances and kids’ lunchboxes. This saves time and frees up space inside the pantry, and the racks can also be used for other purposes, such as a cooking station.  

3. “Use every available inch; end units such as wine racks and slender high cabinets ensure that no space is wasted, ” Ms Penny says. “Different size cupboards can be layered to reach the ceiling even when there are pitched roofs and awkward dimensions to navigate.”

4. Kitchen Design Perth’s Ian Ausden says to make the most of neglected space under the sink by installing drawers. “Under-sink drawers that wrap around your plumbing give you prime storage for your cleaning products, ” he says.

5. Sue Jansen, from The Kitchen Factory, recommends building constructed supports for under-breakfast bar storage instead of having a hollow “box” or “legs” to support the bench. “This would be where a seating area is created at the end of a long bench, ” she says. “The support below could be a cabinet but without handles.”

6. Make the most of wall space, according to Ms Penny. “(Install) rails and hooks for pots, pans and cooking utensils and washing up accessories, magnetic wall racks for knives and shelves for bowls and baskets, ” she recommends.



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