Renowned British sculptor George Frampton made only seven replicas of his famous Peter Pan statue that has stood in London’s Kensington Gardens for more than 100 years.

So how did one of them find its way to a Perth park?

When the Rotary Club of Perth formed in 1926, its members wanted to buy a gift for the city.

After some debate, they decided to write to Sir George and ask for the price of a replica of his Peter Pan statue.

According to a 1934 edition of the Rotarian magazine, the cabled reply of £2000 — about $180,000 in today’s money —“came as a thunderbolt”.

But they were determined to proceed and called for “voluntary subscriptions” from members and friends. This was so successful that an order for the statue was made within months.

It was erected in Queens Gardens and presented “to the children of WA” in 1927. Today’s club president Ted Wilhelm said the club was proud of its forebears’ lasting gift to the city.


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