When you look in the mirror does your skin no longer seem as fresh and dewy as it used to? Are your “character” lines taking over? It’s time to look into anti-ageing treatments that work.

Dawn Cary, manager at 2glo Hair and Beauty, says the signs of ageing can start from your mid-20s, depending on your lifestyle and how well you look after your skin.

“The first ageing signs are seen around the eyes and then the frown line and then the lips, especially if you smoke, ” she says.

Various spa treatments help to restore, plump and invigorate tired complexions.


Ms Cary says microdermabrasion restores that youthful plump look because it gives the skin a smooth and clean surface.

“Microdermabrasion resurfaces the top layer of the skin — you get that plumped-up look because the collagen is working double-time to repair itself, ” she explains. “It looks great but is not long lasting; you would probably want to get it done every four weeks.”

Tegan Hall, spa manager at Bodhi J Health and Beauty Spa, says another option is an organic hydro microdermabrasion to resurface and rehydrate the skin. She says this treatment is a little different to normal microdermabrasion because it has no granules going against the skin.

“If you imagine a tiny high-pressure hose pushing water into your skin, that’s exactly what it is like, ” she says. “Your skin absorbs what water it needs to rehydrate, while filtering all the old make-up, dirt and congestion from the skin, leaving it bright, hydrated and fresh.”

Ainhoa Khrono Age

Ms Cary says an exciting new anti-ageing Neodermyl product line, Ainhoa Khrono Age, works on the cellular energy of the skin so it produces collagen one and collagen three, which are collagens lost over time.

“You can use it all over your neck, face and decolletage; within four weeks you could see up to 20 per cent reduction in fine fines, ” she says.

The treatment involves an in-salon facial, as well as products to use at home.

Thermal-infusing facial

Ms Hall says a popular anti-ageing treatment is the thermal-infusing facial, which is a deep-hydration facial to plump and nourish the skin.

“The thermal-facial mask is made from natural minerals and heats up to the body’s natural core temperature, which helps stimulate circulation — leaving your face bright and plump, ” she says.

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The power of crystals

Many people consider rose quartz as a “love” crystal but did you know it can also help you look younger? Several facials at Bodhi J Health and Beauty Spa use rose-quartz crystals, with Tegan Hall explaining that massaging the face with rose-quartz crystals can help take away redness and leave the skin bright and fresh.

“Rose quartz is said to bring a sense of calm and stabilise the body’s energy, ” she says. “It is useful to smooth the skin and stimulate circulation, leaving it bright and plump.”

Top DIY anti-ageing tips

Apply hyaluronic acid serum. It holds water like a sponge — up to 1000 times its own weight — so it keeps the skin hydrated underneath, plumping the skin.

Sunscreen — something simple to do every day to stop the sun, which is very damaging and ageing to skin.

Drink plenty of water to keep the skin hydrated.

Get enough sleep — when you sleep your collagen repairs.

From 2glo Hair and Beauty manager Dawn Cary.

The power of water

“Crepey skin is most commonly caused due to dehydration in the skin and lack of moisture, causing the skin to look noticeably less plump and nourished leaving it looking dehydrated, ” says Tegan Hall, spa manager at Bodhi J Health and Beauty Spa. “The absolute best treatment is water and lots of it!”


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