Hop Hog is a mysterious beast. The beer that emerged from the Baskerville bush seven years ago has tantalised brew drinkers nationwide.

And in January Hop Hog was again recognised when Feral Brewing’s favourite was judged Australia’s No.1 craft beer, according to a national poll.

It is the third year in a row Hop Hog has topped the list of the 100 best craft beers compiled by east coast bar chain Local Taphouse.

It oozes pine, citrus and balanced bitterness from American hops but defining the brew — and finding it on the east coast — is a challenge. Even Feral’s head brewer Brendan Varis says “people can make up their own mind” about its style.

Some call it an American pale ale, others an American strong ale and for a time it had India pale ale on its packaging. “It’s a beer, ” is the simple verdict of Feral marketing manager Steve Finney.

“The boys create beers that don’t fall into categories, ” he said.

“That is what craft beer is all about.”

Feral had five other beers in the top 100 poll and WA breweries Little Creatures (four), Nail (three) and Mash (one) also featured.


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