To celebrate their anniversary as Australia’s leading luxury gentlemen’s ring designer INFINITY Rings hit the streets to interview soon to be, and recently hitched grooms, to find out what they looked for when choosing a wedding band.


Men across Australia voted on their top 3:

  • Quality of metals came in at an easy number one, with 25% of men stating that this was the most important aspect when choosing a wedding band. The majority admitted they only know to rely on the advice of the jewellery consultant.
  • Quality in craftsmanship came in at 16% with most men opting for a high level of detail and finishes.
  • The third most important point was the style with 16% of men preferring a ring that suited their personality and that was stylish in design.

Surprisingly, cost is now a lower ranking factor. While many grooms stated they would always make sure they stayed within budget, only 8% confirmed it as an absolute factor, with importance of quality outweighing cost. Only 4% of men admitted they allow their bride-to-be to choose their ring for them.

To ensure grooms across Australia can take on the ring-selecting task with more gusto, INFINITY Rings  launched a new website, with a innovative 360’ ring rotation tool and have compiled their top 5 tips to help grooms find the right ring.


1. Get a STYLE that suits YOU - Grooms usually need a little more help than the ladies, when it comes to styling for their wedding day, and this also rings true when selecting a wedding band. Wedding Stylist Sally Mackinnon of Styled by Sally confirmed "this wedding season will see the groom giving his bride a run for her money when it comes to whose ring makes the bigger statement". It seems men are now pulling away from the more traditional rings and are choosing more elaborate designs, or having diamonds set to signify their other half, and this trend is growing year on year. It is also important to pick a ring that suits your personality. “If you’re a creative guy, look for a ring that is unique and artisan. If you’re the outgoing type and want your ring to be noticed, choose a ring with some bling. A conservative or practical sort? Opt for a style that is classic and traditional that won’t date”.

2.QUALITY is key – As we have learnt most men's top desire, is quality. However, many have no idea how to tell what is, and what isn’t the real deal. INFINITY Rings Managing Director Ilhan Demirel confirmed, while the highest quality metal is platinum 950; there are other good quality affordable alternatives. “When shopping for something durable and cost effective, if Platinum 950 is out of reach, Platinum 600 or Palladium are excellent alternatives. Platinum 600 contains 60% pure platinum (compared to 95% in platinum 950) however it’s very hard wearing and naturally white metal is very low maintenance. As a comparison, it’s 50% harder than 18ct gold.”

Demirel also revealed that the manufacturing process and how it is alloyed and with what quality metal, is important to the overall quality of the piece. The most important advice for grooms is to buy from a well-known and trusted brand, as many cheaper alternatives are so for a reason. “Cheaper metals mixed within the quality metals can make or break the durability and way it wears over time.”

With demand for diamonds on wedding bands now emerging, savvy grooms also need to know what to look out for when shopping for bling. Australian Diamond Miner Argyle diamonds specifies to remember the Four C’s Cut, Clarity, Colour and Carat (weight). We say, the clearer, the sharper the whiter the bigger – the better!

3.WARRANTY and exchanges – One thing a groom certainly doesn’t have time to think about is the warranty. Unbeknownst to a groom (until its too late), the warranty and exchange policy is very important. INFINITY Rings are the first Australian manufacturer to offer a policy where they allow the groom a ‘change of heart’. At anytime within 2 years of purchase, should he decide he no longer likes it, INFINITY Rings will let him swap it for any ring, for a small once of fee. They also offer a lifetime guarantee on the manufacture of the ring, PLUS at anytime during the life of the ring if your ring no longer fits perfectly, they will swap it for a brand new ring of the same metal and style. Be sure to find the best warranty, as you really want to cover your once in a life purchase.


4. Seasonal fad v TIMELESS look – The most important factor is that you love the ring you choose; however it is worth knowing what to look for aesthetically that will last the test of time.

Demirel states “Styles that are outlasting the trends at the moment are more classic solitary set diamond, with single metal composition such as white or yellow gold.” These styles are available at an excellent price point. The most popular ring this season? “Our best seller is a solitary set diamond, yellow gold with a brushed white gold centre.”


5.COMFORT and lifestyle – Before investing in your ring, have it professionally fit by a jeweller; INFINITY Rings Demirel acknowledged, “Most guys don’t consider long term comfort. We consider this in both the design and manufacture process to ensure maximum comfort so your ring feels almost invisible. That’s the feeling you want, and the indication of a quality brand.” The final consideration when choosing your ring is all about your lifestyle. What do you do, where do you spend your time? It's important to consider a ring that also suits your extra curricular lifestyle. “If you have an active lifestyle, consider choosing something hardy like Platinum 600 or Titanium to minimise damage.”

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