Frustrated at not being able to find a good gardener, writer and mother-of-two Colleen Sheehan decided to start her own garden-maintenance company.

Twenty-five years later, Weeding Women is celebrating a quarter century of helping keep Perth gardens looking their best.

From bringing a tired garden back to life to creating a new outdoor living space, Ms Sheehan said the business was driven by a passion for the environment, endeavouring to create beautiful gardens that were inherently sustainable.

She said she had seen a dramatic gardening evolution in WA gardens over the years. Among the biggest changes were smaller block sizes and more water-conscious gardeners, which had combined to impact garden styles.

“Water restrictions and climate change have changed how we care for our garden, ” Ms Sheehan said.

“Tropical or English styles have been replaced by beautiful native and desert styles.

“Plant selection, plant placement and how we water our gardens have changed dramatically. Products such as wetting agent and mulch have become so important to the success of a garden.”

She had also noticed an increase in the number of West Australians who seek help in maintaining their patch.

“Having a gardener used to mean you were wealthy, but the service industry no longer reflects that, ” she said.

“People are time poor, so engaging services to help them is commonplace for a growing number of householders.

“Our aging population has seen a growing number of clients who love to do their own garden, no longer able to.”

Weeding Women also looks very different to its roots.

The Osborne Park-based company now services about 180 gardens a week from Mandurah to the Hills, and employs a team of 42 staff including four franchisees.

“Their common thread is a passion for creating beautiful gardens, regardless of how hot, wet or dirty the job is, ” Ms Sheehan said of her staff.

“We love getting our hands dirty, so our clients don’t have to and they can simply enjoy their gardens.”

As for the most common growing pains that her clients seek help for, Ms Sheehan said diseased plants, over-grown gardens and weeds were among the top complaints.

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