Skincare and cosmetic needs alter as the seasons change. So as the weather finally begins to heat up and dry out, it’s time to overhaul your beauty products.

And because more skin is on show, you’ll need to take into account the need for more body products during summer.

Basics include a body exfoliator, whole-body moisturiser and high-spectrum SPF sunscreen. Used regularly, these will ensure skin remains moisturised as well as protected.

And while extra moisturising treatments and products are of benefit to an (often accidentally) sun-kissed face, it’s also important not to neglect the basic elements of your regular skincare routine.

“Thorough cleansing is really important in summer; something many don’t consider is that you need to remove sunscreens from the skin, as well as the sweat, dirt and debris, ” International Dermal Institute education manager Emma Hobson says.

Multipurpose products also are handy as it warms up.

“Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant is a coveted essential to women all over the world and a necessity in my make-up bag, ” Elizabeth Arden global make-up artist Rebecca Restrepo says.

She points out that in addition to taming brows and prepping the lips for colour, the product also can be used to achieve a glossy eyelid look.
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