Ready, set, glow! Your wedding day look will be one of the most photographed of your life, so it comes as no surprise you'll want to look camera ready all day. Although the joy of holy matrimony will probably already have you glowing, here are a few tips and tricks to make sure you look your radiant best.




If a standard dinner for you comes in a takeaway box or cake is and everyday food, chances are you need to reassess your diet so you not only look your best but feel great too when those wedding bells start to chime.

Eating healthy is not about going on a crazy fad diet but rather about changing your attitude towards food and making sure your body is getting everything it requires so that you have plenty of energy. Go for more natural and less processed foods with plenty of fruit and vegetable, lean protein and water.

You should start this lifestyle change as soon as you can, but ideally at least three months out from the big day in order to get your skin, eyes, nails and hair at their most radiant.


However long you think you will need to get ready, double it, otherwise you'll undo all your good work by stressing out right before the ceremony.




Stressing out is not only bad for your mood but also for your skin, and on your wedding day on thing you don't want making an appearance is a pimple. Maintaining you healthy diet, getting plenty of shut-eye and following a tried-and-tested skincare routine should help minimise your chances of getting any blemishes on your skin, but if one does show up a good foundation and concealer should be enough to make it 'disappear'.




The little things in life make all the difference, especially when it comes to your look.

In the lead up to your wedding day it's important to try all the products, people and companies that you're going to be using to avert any nasty surprises such as an allergic reaction on the big day.

About a week before the day is the ideal time to get your eyebrows tinted and lashes extended if you want to, and it's also the perfect time to pay a visit to the hairdressers for a treatment and trim. If you're planning on enjoying a manicure and pedicure, one or two days before the wedding is best.


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