An often underrated decorating tool, floor rugs have the power to completely transform a space.

“Choosing the right rug can transform a room from being bland and unfinished to interesting, beautiful and complete, ” Stacey Kouros, interior designer and Carpet Court ambassador, said.

“A rug can often be the final piece that just ties the whole room together by drawing inspiration from paint colours or wallpaper, accessories or other items throughout the space.”

We take a look at the latest trends in floor rugs.


Masters flooring buyer Jason Hamilton said colourful statement rugs were popular for adding flair to a room, and were great when combined with furniture in neutral tones.

“Rooms with plain coloured walls, floors and lounges make an ideal canvas for adding splashes of colour, ” he said.

Ms Kouros said green was a popular colour choice. “It is such a great colour and can transform a neutral interior to colourful whilst remaining sophisticated and natural, ” she said.

For a polished look, she recommended teaming a statement rug with colourful accessories such as cushions.

“A pot plant would be a beautiful way of connecting green back into the rug, ” she said.



Honshu Island by Jamie Durie Horizons


Dean Copley, owner of Rug Junction in Osborne Park, said geometric motifs — particularly the ubiquitous chevron — were growing in popularity.

“A chevron design in bright colours can create a feeling of warmth and bring colour into a space, ” he said.

If incorporating a geometric rug into a room that already featured other strong prints, Ms Kouros recommended balancing the look with softer prints or colours.


Nick Stepanovski, of Artisan Rugs in Mt Hawthorn, said natural colours, such as latte and brown, were strong sellers.

“Natural colours are subtle and stylish — it is something that is easy to live with, ” he said.

“These rugs are timeless — you can then use colours in your cushions, which are cheap enough to get rid of next season.”


Rikki Jones, of Jenny Jones Rugs in Claremont, said the desire to bring the outdoors into the home had made florals a key trend for rugs.

She said floral patterns would suit both traditional and contemporary interiors.



Flower Pool by Easton Pearson for  &  Shoka by Akira Isogawa - Kisetsu.


Chris Hoyne, of Claremont-based Temple Direct, said organic styled were in demand for contemporary homes.

Ms Jones agreed. “The organic free-form flow is a liquid or marble look — they don’t have a concrete pattern and look great in the modern home, ” she said.


Mr Hoyne said patterned, boldly coloured antique rugs were making a comeback.

“I am selling these rugs to a young, hip clientele, ” he said. “This says to me that people are sick of the tone-on-tone invisible rug and are looking for their rug to be a statement art piece.”

Some customers were even using the rugs as wall art.

“Rugs are being used as large scale pieces of art — they dampen the sound, so it is not only something visual but also practical, ” he said.


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