When you’re shaping

Base your shape on your facial features

“If you have large lips, nose or eyes, go with a slightly thicker brow, ” Ms Jade says.

“If you have small features, you’re better off with a slightly thinner brow to ensure your brows aren’t dominating your facial features — that being said, thin brows don’t suit anybody.”

Remember the ultimate shape

Ms Jade says your brows should meet at the bridge of your nose, be slightly squared off in the front and tapered to a fine point at the end to create a beautiful arch.

Have only a specialist altering the top of your brow

“We wax or tweeze the top of the brow to help achieve a perfect shape. However, I don’t recommend that clients try it at home, ” Ms Jade says. “Leave it to a professional brow specialist.”

Things to avoid:

- Brows plucked too far apart

“Brows that are plucked too far apart make your eyes look too far apart, ” Ms Jade says.

- Over-plucked brows

Ms Jade says over-plucking is one of her biggest nuisances. “Be careful not to over-pluck — less is more in this case, ” she says. “Sometimes one hair can make the difference between great brows and a disaster.”

When you’re tinting

Ms Jade recommends tinting your brows only one to two shades darker or lighter than your hair colour. “If they’re too light, it can make you look washed out and expressionless, ” she says.

“Too dark will make you look harsh and ages the face.”

When you’re filling

“Personally, I love brow powders, ” Ms Jade says. “They’re so natural looking but you can also build them up for a strong, dramatic look.”

How to use your brow powder:

•Start in the middle of the brow — you’ve got the most product on your brush at this time.

•Next, create straight lines by using light feather strokes or one solid line.

•Fill in the back of your brow.

•Lastly, use little product that’s left to do the front. “Once I have filled in the entire brow, I always gently brush the product into the brow with a brow brush to soften down any lines and blend the colour, ” Ms Jade says.

“This will help you achieve the most natural-looking, fuller brow.”


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