Before having a bath or shower, use a large, soft-bristled brush to dry body-brush the thighs and buttocks.

“It is always good to be stimulating the microcirculation and the superficial tissue, ” natural skincare specialist Marian Rubock says.

“Any stimulus is good, and as long as it is regular and consistent, the person will get healthier skin.”

After bathing, pat skin dry then rub a few drops of rosemary oil, blended with almond or birch oil, over the thighs and buttocks. Rosemary oil increases circulation to the skin and assists with the elimination of toxins.

Other suitable oils include almond, jojoba seed, rosehip oil, wheat germ and apricot kernel, or vitamin E. Rub the thighs slowly and gently, working in circular motions from the legs upwards to help the lymphatic system cleanse itself of toxins.

“If the skin is healthier and hydrated, the aesthetic effects of cellulite are less obvious, ” Ms Rubock said.

Aromatherapy oils could also help. Emma Hobson from the International Dermal Institute recommends lavender, eucalyptus, lemon, black pepper, rosemary, sage, cypress, atlas cedar, juniper, geranium and lemongrass.

“Aromatherapy oils are used in many spa body treatments and are effective if the oil stimulates elimination, improves circulation and lymphatic movement, ” Ms Hobson said.

“Use of essential oils in conjunction with MLD (manual lymph drainage) is an especially effective technique.”




•Poor circulation

•Sedentary lifestyle

•High sugar diets

•Chemicals and toxins in the body

•Imbalanced diet, nutritional deficiencies


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