Pilbara descendant and Broome-based Aboriginal artist Bronwyn Houston has released a counting picture book, inspired by the landscape, colours and the natural world of the Kimberley region.

Counting Aussie Animals in My Backyard has a strong focus on Australian plants, animals and habitats.

Houston said her own garden was the perfect place to unearth a myriad of fascinating creatures illustrated in the book.

“Watching my kids grow and learn is my biggest inspiration at the moment,” she said.

“They are always playing out in the yard and I started to realise how many animals were about. We were constantly pointing out frogs and birds and bugs.”

Houston said the thought came to her while her son was learning to count.

“As my son Benny was learning to count, copying big sister, I just had the thought, wouldn’t it be great to have a book they could directly relate to ... and so began Counting Aussie Animals in My Backyard,” she said.

“I think it captures our garden but also will be inspiring for other kids wherever they live.”

Houston’s textured and vivid illustrations bring a tropical Australian garden to life.

To find out what these Australian animals get up to in Bronwyn’s backyard you can purchase her picture book from bookstores and online at www.magabala.com/counting-aussie.html.

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