Did you know that setting your lawn-mower to 4cm or higher can reduce the amount of water your lawn needs?

Or that choosing an efficient pool pump can save you more than $260 a year?

These are just a couple of the practical tips available on the LivingGreener.gov.au website, which aims to provide information and advice for people looking to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

According to a spokesman from the Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism, the site was launched in 2009 in response to research that showed while most Australians wanted to take more action on living sustainably, they were unsure of where to start and how to wade through the considerable volume of information available online.

“Australians want to learn, discover and explore, but they don’t have the time to wade through complex information or work out in advance which department in what level of government provides the information they are looking for, ” the spokesman said.

“LivingGreener responds to users’ needs by providing a user-friendly government website that organises Australia’s government information on energy, water, waste and travel efficiency, making it accessible and useful so that every household can benefit from energy-saving and sustainability actions at home.”

The site includes practical options for saving resources and money around the home, from choosing and installing a hot water system and creating a water-wise garden to recycling your old laptop or TV and buying a more efficient car.

The site has also published a guide for eco-friendly outdoor living, which includes advice on pools and spas, lawns and landscaping, greener garden furniture ideas, garages and sheds and reducing your pet’s “eco paw print”.

Additionally, LivingGreener has information on relevant rebates and assistance to help households find ways to be more environmentally friendly and save money.

The site also features real-life stories from people who have taken steps to live greener.

“Real Stories was created in response to research which showed that Australians prefer to learn from other Australians and trust the lessons learnt from friends and neighbours over advice from self-appointed experts telling them what to do, ” the spokesman said.

“Most people are motivated more by human stories than by cold facts and figures, and LivingGreener has both.”

Visit the site at livinggreener.gov.au.

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