If there’s a word to describe how a bride’s make-up should be it would be: timeless.

Your wedding day is one of the most memorable days of your life and going for a popular “statement” look may not stand the test of time when you reflect on your wedding photos in 20 years time. Who knows if the flicky eyeliner look or thick structured brow will still be in then?

The revered Coco Chanel once said: “Fashion is always changing, but style remains forever”— and this is the same with make-up.

If you’re a bride-to-be, keep your make-up simple and stylish for your wedding day. If you don’t wear make-up all the time, try not to overdo it on the day — you still need to look like you.

These are my tips to perfect bridal make-up:


Make sure your foundation, eyeliner and mascara is waterproof. I don’t recommend using waterproof mascara every day, but this is one day you need the strong stuff.


Lashes are a very common request of brides. Keeping it simple, I often use a three- quarter lash or demi lash which extends and enhances but does not look fake. Be sure that the glue you are using is good quality and won’t lift during the day.


It is common for most brides to steer clear of a strong lipstick look, although sometimes I will have a bride request to wear a bright red lipstick. This look is so beautiful and elegant, I can’t say no! The deal is: wear it but be prepared to touch it up.

Make sure all the bridesmaids are keeping an eye out for unsightly smudges, and keep the colour with you for quick fixes. Another alternative is using a smudge-proof lip stain.


Trying anything new in the lead-up to your wedding can be risky. Unless you have tried them before and are aware of the care they require and result they give, stay away from lash extensions, specialised facials and spray-tans.


You will need to wear enough make-up to be able to see it from a distance. I usually get brides to take some full-length photos of themselves during a trial. If you can’t see any make-up in these photos, add more; if it looks too much, soften the look.


A trial is the best way to see what the make-up will be like on the day, especially if you have never worked with a make-up artist before.

I often create a mood board with images based on the direction I get from the bride, however, I always encourage brides to bring in images of make-up that they love.

You can expect to spend upwards of two hours during a trial — breaking down each aspect of your make-up, from how much glow you want in your foundation to the thickness of your eyeliner.

From here your make-up artist will create a face chart, detailing your look for the big day. Be as honest as you can, even if there are certain aspects you want to change about your look.


Generally I advise against a trial for bridesmaids, as it becomes an extra cost to factor in. The look for the bridesmaids should be discussed during the bridal trial.

If bridesmaids are all wearing the same colour, I usually avoid matching the make-up to the dress, instead contrasting the colour.

I try to mix it up a little by changing the depth; for those who wear more, it will be stronger and those who prefer less will look softer.


Trust in the professionals you have chosen to assist in making your day as memorable as possible. Always get your hair done before your make-up and be sure you have enough preparation time.

Usually the make-up should take about 45 minutes per person. Any spray-tanning should be done two days before the big day. Waxing should all be done four to five days before.

Some artists will offer an extra service to stick around from the ceremony to the reception and do any touching-up required. If not, best to have a translucent compact and lipshade ready to do any touch-ups.

Don’t stress about maintaining your make-up look, as your make-up artist will know to use a face primer and setting spray.

So, what’s the most important thing to remember? To enjoy your wedding day!


Keep your eyes the focus of your make-up look — steer clear of sharp lines and harsh colours. I always try to personalise the make-up I do for every bride, keeping it unique and timeless. Using earthy tones, a classic eye can beautifully enhance your natural features. This doesn’t necessarily mean soft; if you want a little more make-up, a bronzed or chocolate smoky eye will take you to the next level. It is all about finding that perfect balance, as most weddings will start with the ceremony in the day and reception in the evening. You will need make-up that suits both.

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