A great source of vitamin A and vitamin C, the mango is a refreshing fruit option during summer months.

Often popular with the sweet tooths among us, mangoes are a great addition to both your menu and your beauty routine.

Peel away the skin of this fruit, because it's highly acidic. Munch down on the flesh and enjoy a sweet, tropical taste that's so good for you.

Chop up the mango flesh and freeze. Great to suck on and enjoy both frozen and semi-frozen. A healthy alternative to most processed frozen desserts.

Add thinly sliced mango to the top of a lightly fried or steamed chicken breast for a beautiful, fresh flavour. Helps you avoid indulging in fatty, salty sauces too.

Mashed up mango makes a great facial mask. Mix with milk or combine with other ingredients for a skin treatment that smells good and leaves your skin feeling soft.

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