In person Natalie Imbruglia is every bit as tiny as she appears on TV.

Her hair and make-up are immaculate and her white linen suit is perfectly pressed, not an unimpressive feat given she has been living out of a suitcase during her tour of Australia as the brand ambassador of Kailis Australian Pearls.

In 2004, Imbruglia was named one of 100 of the world’s most naturally beautiful women of all time but Imbruglia maintains beauty is a state of mind.

“It’s about having an essence that’s really natural, as opposed to what you put on top of yourself, ” she explains. “It is about being who you are, not caking on too much make-up or having your fashion wear you.”

Imbruglia laughs as she admits turning 40 promoted a recent spring-clean of her wardrobe.

“There were so many clothes that made me go ‘I can’t wear that any more, it’s just too young’, ” she exclaims. “Apart from the fact it probably doesn’t fit any more.”

While Imbruglia is hardly in danger of middle-age spread, she does emphasise the importance of dressing for your age.

“Nobody likes to see someone dressing too young for them, ” she says. “Throw it away now. Give it to your niece or your daughter; you’ve got to know when to let certain looks go.

“I’ve never really been too outrageous with my fashion though, so I still wear a lot of things that I’ve had for a very long time. I’m very classic. I like a blazer and a jean with a heel. That’s my uniform.”

Imbruglia says she also loves pairing beautiful jewellery with casual clothes.

“People think there are rules but there really are no rules if a piece of jewellery is designed well.”

She adds there’s also no age limit for pearls. “They’re so in fashion at the moment but my advice is to be bold and brave with it. Once you have the confidence to wear pearls, you are off and running.”

Growing up on the coast has given Imbruglia a natural affinity with the ocean, which extends to her new anti-ageing skincare range called Iluka.

“Iluka means by the sea, ” she says.

“I have been developing it for a couple of years and I am really excited about it.”

She may have a new anti-ageing skincare range and her 40th birthday in February but Imbruglia says the key to ageing is not to panic.

“Just drink a lot of water, ” she laughs.

“Beauty is something that comes from within, and someone who is freaking out too much about wrinkling or stopping the ageing process, that in itself is unattractive.

“I am all about trying to look as good as I can for as long as I can but there is a fine line with ageing.

“It’s definitely a personal choice. Somebody might want to get a face lift and that means they have a graceful next 10 years.

“But I think it’s nicer when someone can age gracefully with their wrinkles like Audrey Hepburn.”

There is little doubt Imbruglia has mastered the art of ageing gracefully.

While in Perth she popped down to Margaret River where, instead of splurging on chocolate and local wine, she spent her time jogging on Smiths Beach, rock climbing and canoeing.

“The best beauty treatment is always a morning run, ” she says.


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