With a new year often comes new incentive to exercise — resolutions, the feeling of a fresh start — and sometimes great new options for getting your heart rate up that you just can’t refuse.

In 2015, some new kids on the workout block are making their way to Perth.

“In an industry as diverse, creative and high energy as fitness, there’ll always be trends and popularity shifts, ” Australian Institute of Fitness master coach Josh Pullman says.

“Some exercise is always better than none — whatever your goal, keep it simple and hit the new year with a great plan and the conviction to stick to it.”

“A recent survey of thousands of fitness professionals by the ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine) had some interesting predictions for the year ahead, ” Mr Pullman says.

“These included small-group training, body-weight training, high-intensity interval training and yoga.”

The list also highlights wellness coaching, outdoor activities and more exercise for mature adults and children.

The Dance Workshop director Ashanti Suriyam says dancing is a great way to improve circulation, burn calories and provide a cardio workout — plus working on your flexibility and muscle tone.

“The reason dancing can be better than other forms of exercise is that it’s also good for the brain — and the spirit, ” she says.

“By dancing, you work all the areas of the brain at the same time — plus it’s known to relieve stress and improve your mood.”

The folks at Morning Gloryville know all about the benefits of dancing, which is why they’ve made it possible to attend morning raves for a good workout.

“Morning Gloryville is a social gathering of like-minded souls who love music and to dance, ” Morning Gloryville Melbourne co-founder Lauren Maher says.

“It’s an awesome wake-up for the brain, increasing creativity and productivity — and it’ll leave you feeling happy and alive because dancing releases serotonin.”

Remember bouncing on the trampoline as a kid? Well it’s for adults now, too. Trampolining gets your heart rate up, making it great exercise for all.

“It’s a real, genuine workout but it’s also about having a bit of fun, ” Bounce Inc program and product manager Liam Dempsey says.

“It really engages your whole core, it’s a good workout for cardio fitness and it’s quite a low-impact type of exercise as well.”


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