Traditionally, it is the groom's responsibility to organise the wedding day transport (though he may also choose to enlist the help of his groomsmen), but it is important to look at some of the logistics.

A few things need to be considered when selecting your wedding day transport - firstly the time of year and the location of your wedding. For example, hiring a convertible might not be practical in the colder months, while summer weddings will call for transport with good air-conditioning (you won't want to risk your immaculate make-up running down your face in beads of sweat).

You will need to consider the practicality of the transport as well. For example, if you have a large bridal party, you are not all going to be able to squeeze into one car. And if you are planning on wearing a big dress, make sure you choose a suitably spacious care to allow for maximum comfort with no chance of accidental crumpling or ripping of your gown.

You should also make sure you supply your chosen transport hire company with a detailed running sheet for your wedding day. This should include addresses for picking you all up (that's you, your attendants, your groom and any one else you are transporting to the venue), and your reception venue. You might also consider providing your driver with maps and detailed instructions to make it smoother on the day.


Why be a one-car couple? If you can't decide between two different forms of transport, why not choose one for the way to the wedding and one for the way to the reception?


For a true Hollywood-style moment, you could arrange for a classic town car to whisk you away in style towards the end of your reception. While it is traditional for the groomsmen to 'decorate' your going away vehicle with a trail of tin cans and a 'just married' sign propped up in the back window, if you have hired a car for the evening you should check with the hire company if it is ok to do so, and take precaution not to damage the car in any way (or you might face a hefty bill when you return from your honeymoon).

It's important to remember many transport companies book up quickly, especially in peak wedding season, so try and secure your vehicle as early as possible. Take note of a company's testimonials and reputation. Remember - you are trusting this company to get you to your wedding on time (and in style) so it is worth spending a good amount of time undertaking research before settling on one option.


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