It’s important to maintain your make-up on your wedding day, without letting any fussing consume your special time.

Start the process off on the right foot by using a qualified make-up artist who has experience in bridal work; check out their website and portfolio so you know the style of work they do and have a make-up and hair trial. This is the one day you will want to look your absolute best and sometimes it does take a little trial and error.

Before your make-up trial, be clear on the atmosphere you have in mind for your wedding — will it be traditional or casual, what is your venue like, what style is your dress, jewellery and even your bridesmaid’s dresses? Have an idea of how your hair will be styled; up or down and will you wear a veil? Answers to these questions and even the colour and style of your flowers will help in deciding your bridal make-up.

When you get a make-up trial, be as honest as you can about the style and look you want. Some brides are afraid to hurt their make-up artist’s feelings but it’s important you look the way you want on your big day.

Another important part of doing a bridal trial is to know how the make-up lasts and wears on your skin. It is best to do your trial early in the day and wear the make-up all day. Take some trial photos too, under natural light and under synthetic lighting.

If you find that your eyeliner is smudging or your mascara is running — tell your artist and move to a waterproof product on your wedding day.

What to take with you

Prime it:

Check your make-up artist primes your skin; this will ensure your make-up looks smooth and lasts all day.

Be watched:

Allocate a bridesmaid to watch your make-up throughout the day and evening and let you know when it’s time for a touch-up.

Touch-up kit:

In a pretty clutch (ask a bridesmaid to keep it near you), ensure it contains:

•Your lipstick or gloss.

•A translucent powder, with a small round brush (these powders always come with a sponge but it’s better to use a brush) to dust a small amount of powder through your T-zone only. If you take it all over, you risk losing your blush and bronzer.

•Eyelash glue in case you are wearing false lashes. Tears of happiness are not nice to false lashes.

•Cotton tips for catching tears and for doing a quick tidy up.

Naturally, the most important thing is to enjoy your special day! With these easy tips (and a trusty bridesmaid to keep an eye on you) you won’t spend your day stressing about the way you look or if your lipstick is lasting.

Make-up tips for your wedding day

•Stick to routine: Don’t do anything new to your skin before your wedding day: Keep to your usual routine as you never know how your skin will react to new products or ingredients.

•Book waxing early: Make sure you go to your usual waxing specialist who is familiar with your face shape and eye shape. Book in your waxing four to five days before your big day. Sometimes the wax can remove the top layer of skin; foundation won’t stick to the fresh new skin.

•Book spray tans early: Get your spray tanning done at least two to three days before your day. Often tans will develop a little more into the next day and can be quite dark just after application. Ensure you have tried the tan and used the tanning specialist before your wedding day too. Some brands can turn different colours depending on your skin — you do not want to be an orange bride! Be careful of getting over-tanned if your wedding falls on a hot summer’s day. If you sweat, the only place for the tan to go is out the skin’s pores and on to your beautiful white dress.

•Time it: Your make-up artist can take anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes per person, often make-up is done after the hair is styled. So make sure you have allowed plenty of time.


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