He is Australia’s most iconic illusionist and entertainer, but despite his death-defying escapes and baffling tricks, Cosentino is unsure whether he is deserving of the most prestigious international magic award.

Joining the likes of David Copperfield and Criss Angel, Consentino is now among magic royalty after he was crowned International Magician of the Year late last year.

It’s a title he’s almost too humble to believe.

“I can’t believe I’m in this category, am I worthy of it?” Cosentino told AAA with a laugh. “It makes me want to be greater and better and I feel I need to keep my game up.

“I don’t want to be that cliche that says I’m so humbled by the award but I really am. I’m in such good company with masters and magicians that I’ve looked up to for years.”

Taking his first steps into the US market, Cosentino will soon be featuring in ensemble show The Supernaturalists, showcasing eight of the world’s best magicians, after being personally approached by star illusionist Angel.

“Criss put me up in Vegas for a week and we just spoke about magic and really connected, ” Cosentino, said.

“I’ve never been in an ensemble before and there’s so much freedom to really be creative, and you get that encouragement and nurturing from other professionals that I’ve never had before.”

Cosentino likened working with fellow magicians to a musical “jam session” where everyone throws in their unique creative ideas and he hinted this was just the beginning of more big things to come.

“It’s kind of like how a muso will do their own tour but then also jump on a festival like Future Music, ” he explained. “This is the first of a number of projects we’re doing together, without revealing too much.”

But back on home ground in Australia, Consentino and his team have worked endlessly for more than a year to create new and seemingly impossible escape traps to wow audiences on his upcoming tour Twisted Reality.

Drawing ideas from the simplest of acts, the magic man dreamed up his newest death-defying stunt after eating an ice-cream and imagining himself strapped to the pop stick as it snaps in half.

“I thought that it could be interesting, but then I thought of something better, ” he said.

“I’m going to put myself in a little vertical cage and that will be snapped in half, so if I’m not out in time it will literally snap my back.”

Cosentino’s Twisted Reality tour hits the Regal Theatre in Perth on May 2.

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