Settling into a loving relationship can often mean the guards come down — and that can mean piling on a few extra, unwanted kilos.
Avoid your lovelife giving you love handles by following our tips to stay lean and loved up.

1. Get off the couch

Allocate a special “date night” to do something active together to keep you both fit and also keep your relationship interesting, according to Sandy Duxbury personal trainer and owner of Motivate Invigorate Recreate.

2. Give yourself some space

While time together is important, time apart is necessary too.

“There is nothing more attractive than the confidence that shines from someone who has found time to exercise, ” Mrs Duxbury said.

3. Watch your portions

Cooking for two? Ladies, don’t fall into the trap of matching your man bite-for-bite, says dietitian Susie Burrell, author of Lose Weight Fast!

“Women are likely to need half as much meat and carbohydrates as their man, ” she said.

Filling half of your plate with veggies or salad is an effective tactic in controlling calories.

4. Cut back the wining and dining

When you first start dating, a lot of time is spent wining and dining. But as time goes on, too much can stack on excess kilos.

If excess alcohol is the weight culprit, Ms Burrell suggests setting an alcohol rule such as setting the number of nights you are allowed to drink each week, rather than every night.

5. Don’t eat your relationship woes

If your relationship is struggling, practise the mantra “no man is worth weight gain”, Ms Burrell said.

“Shift your mindset and use the energy to looking after yourself.”


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