Dead skin cells provide a protective barrier from dirt, pollution, sun and free radicals but they can also build up, which can cause skin problems, according to The Cove Spa’s Jocelyn Derecourt.

“If you don’t exfoliate regularly expect to see an accumulation of dead skin cells in the form of a dull, uneven appearance, ” she says.

“Issues such as premature ageing and flakiness or rough congested skin with pimples and clogged pores will also be more likely.

“Scrubbing or exfoliating the skin is particularly essential once you hit your 20s as your skin’s natural ability to shed itself begins to slow down.”

Bodhi J Health and Beauty Spa’s Tegan Hall says exfoliating also removes congestion, dirt and oils.

“Having a full body exfoliation will leave the skin brighter and fresher and will help to speed up the circulation, ” she says.

Slough off dead summer skin to unveil beautiful refreshed skin with these five spa treatments:


Ms Hall says this Bodhi J treatment is the ideal skin spruce up because it not only exfoliates but also rehydrates, tones and helps release toxins.

“Enjoy an exfoliation with Sodashi’s Organic Green Tea and Dead Sea Salts that will leave your skin soft and enlivened, ” she says.

“A warm Sodashi Marine Body Mask is then applied before you are cocooned in a comforting wrap. To finish, a luscious lotion is applied to leave the whole body rejuvenated.”

The 90-minute treatment costs $160. Visit or phone 9387 5152.


Hidden Valley Eco Spa Lodges and Day Spa’s Melissa Roberton says this 80-minute treatment is the ultimate chocolate indulgence minus the calories.

“We use a dark chocolate massage oil for your full body massage, ” she says.

“Then we exfoliate with a chocolate and almond scrub, followed by a smooth brush-on ginger and cinnamon body mask. We leave you to shower and then apply a white chocolate body lotion.”

The tretment costs $169. Visit or phone 9293 7337.


Keturah Day Spa’s Jemma Stergiou says the popular saltmousse treatment is fantastic for exfoliation, activating the body’s circulation and brightening the skin and is suitable for all skin types.

“It’s an invigorating full-body exfoliation to reveal a softer, smoother you — your skin will glow, ” she says. “The treatment also includes a full-body dry body brush to increase circulation prior to the exfoliation treatment.”

It costs $99 for 30 minutes at Keturah in Highgate, Carine, Nedlands and Fremantle. Visit or phone 9228 0855.


Museo Salon and Spa’s Nicole McPheat says a potent mix of natural ingredients is the secret to this scrub treatment, which suits all skin types.

She says this includes olive seed powder — a natural deep-cleansing exfoliant that is great for ageing and pigmentation — coconut oil, to cleanse, hydrate and nourish the skin; and longan fruit extract, a Thai fruit rich in vitamin C.

It also contains pomegranate extract to help combat UV damage; and mandarin oil, a potent antioxidant, wrinkle fighter and wound healer.

“It is nourishing and brightening for all skins, particularly ageing skin, ” Ms McPheat says.

The 40-minute treatment also includes a cleanser, shower and cream application for $95. Visit or phone 9371 2299.


The Cove Spa’s signature body scrub treatment starts with a soothing application of warm aromatherapy oil to lubricate and nourish the skin.

“We then sprinkle our exclusive combination of sugar and salts over the skin and gently exfoliate the body, ” Ms Derecourt says.

“Once showered, the treatment finishes with an application of hydrating moisturiser to leave the skin invigorated and silky smooth.”

The one-hour treatment costs $120. Visit or phone 9367 1877.


Autumn is also the time to ensure that you exfoliate dead and dry skin cells from your whole body, says Sally Zanetic, owner of Onyesha Spa Pinelake.

“This can be done using an exfoliating body brush before you shower, ” she says.

Brush in long strokes towards the heart, advises Ms McPheat.

“This is fantastic for those detoxing, and helps reduce cellulite.”


Aside from skin regeneration, there is a host of other reasons to regularly exfoliate, ranging from improved skin texture to better muscle tone and a strengthened immune system.

“It also helps to increase and stimulate blood circulation which helps to release fatty deposits under the skin’s surface, ” Museo Salon and Spa’s Nicole McPheat says.


A scrub treatment usually incorporates a combination of mild abrasive ingredients such as finely ground sugar and/or salt, pumice, loofah or seaweed particles, jojoba beads, ground nuts or husks, according to The Cove Spa’s Jocelyn Derecourt.

“There are also chemical preparations formulated with fruit acids (glycolic, alpha hydroxi, lactic and salicylic acids) or enzymes which will break down and dissolve dead skin cells without the need for physical abrasives, ” she says.


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