Make-up is part of a total look.

There is not much point going to the effort of carefully choosing this season's clothes and hairstyles if you are still wearing last season's make-up.

However, common sense tells us we may have to modify all three if a look is not flattering.

We should never be total slaves to fashion. The overall package should be pleasing to the eye because the compliment we should be hearing is “you look wonderful”, not “I love the way you've applied your make-up” (if make-up is well-applied it should be the last thing noticed, as it's intended to enhance your natural beauty).

The art of making-up comes like second nature to some but takes a lot of practice for others.

Whatever category you're in, it pays to remember the saying: “There is no such thing as an unattractive woman, there are only women who lack imagination.”

To help your imagination take flight, here are some tried-and-true make-up tips.


Using the right equipment will ensure that your make-up looks as professional as possible. You should have:

  • Contour brushes to apply powder, blushers and shaders. •Eye shadow brushes or sponge-tipped applicators for powdered shadows.
  • Lip brushes with a chiselled end - these are the most accurate tools for applying lip colour.
  • An eyebrow brush to train brows and to brush off excess powder.
  • Sponges, either natural or synthetic, to remove liquid foundation from lines and wrinkles.
  • Cotton wool balls or cotton swabs for blending colours and shadows.
  • Eyebrow tweezers and eyelash curlers.


  • Always apply liquid foundation with fingertips - don't waste your foundation in the sponge.
  • When buying new foundation, check the colour outside in natural daylight.
  • Baby powder can be used as translucent face powder if you run out of your normal brand.
  • Eyebrow pencils should always be nice and sharp for best results. Never use eye pencils on the brows - they are too soft and they smudge.
  • Seal eye pencil with shadow of the same colour. Use a pointy, disposable eye applicator - it keeps the pencil line from smudging.
  • Don't use waterproof mascara every day; it can make the lashes very brittle if not removed properly.
  • Always use a circular movement when applying blusher; it gives a more natural look.
  • Always use lip pencil for shaping lips.
  • Apply “lip Coat” over lipstick - it's great for keeping your lipstick on for hours.
  • Use matte brown powder for shading and contouring the face and minimising flaws, for example, a double chin, long nose, wide nose etc.
  • Use eyelash curlers - they work wonders. They open up the eyes and make the lashes look longer.

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