While you and your husband-to-be will have likely spent months planning your dream honeymoon getaway, it is equally as important that you arrange accommodation for the evening immediately after your wedding. Traditionally, it is the groom's responsibility to arrange the wedding night accommodation, but it is always a good idea to talk through your options before setting anything in stone.

If you are planning on keeping the party going after your wedding reception has wrapped up, you might want to choose a hotel with a bar (don't forget to find out what time they stop serving drinks) or somewhere within walking distance to any nightclubs or late-night spots you want to frequent. Likewise, if you aren't planning on falling into bed until the wee hours of the morning, consider booking a simple, inexpensive room - that way you won't be wasting money on amenities you won't get a chance to use.


When making a reservation be sure to mention that you are booking the room for your wedding night

or honeymoon -  you may get an upgrade or other special treatment.


While partying hard is a priority for some, for other brides the only thought on their minds is simply getting to bed. If the thought of partying all night your guests turns you off, consider booking a room in a hotel far away from everyone else where you and your new husband can spend a private night together.

The destination of your wedding also plays an important role in the decision-making process. If your wedding will be located far from the homes of you and your guests, you will likely want to book accommodation in a hotel or suite which can cater for everyone. Whether or not you choose to pay for all your guests' accommodation or not, the onus on arranging it falls on you - just make sure everyone is clear on any check-in and check-out times, amenities and other add-ons (such as meals).

It's important you try to book something before you send out your wedding invitations if wedding night accommodation isn't available at your venue or included in your wedding package. Don't forget to arrange everyone's transport from the reception venue to the accommodation destination. Likewise, if you have plans to fly off to your honeymoon early on the day after your wedding, take into account travel time to the airport, or consider booking a room at an airport hotel.



Before you leave for your amazing honeymoon, it's important you pinpoint your perfect destination and plan your trip with plenty of time to spare. Whether you will be sipping champagne at the top of the Eiffel Tower or trekking through the jungle in Borneo, accommodation is a key element of your honeymoon experience.

Though most people are used to booking their trips online, a travel agent can help even the most avid globetrotter plan the perfect honeymoon. Savvy agents can find you great travel packages, or get you insider discounts, and will ensure you are situated the perfect distance away from all the destinations and attractions you want to visit. Plus, if something unexpected happens while you're away, such as you miss your flight, your agent can help by rearranging your accommodation.

If you would rather organise your honeymoon accommodation yourself, call prospective hotels directly - that way you can find out which room has the best view or what promotions and packages are offered at a specific location. Also, if you are a regular traveler, don't forget to find out if you redeem frequent flyer miles or membership points for the hotel and room upgrades.

Wherever you choose to travel, and however you choose to arrange it, your number one priority should be obtaining as much information about your accommodation as possible - from hotel check-out times to the floor on which your room is located, these little things (which many people forget to ask about) can make or break your post-wedding travels.


Keep your young marriage happy by preparing a back-up plan should things go pear-shaped. For example, hedge your bets in case your baggage is

lost by dividing both of your belongings between two suitcases, and minimise the chance for potential misadventures by leaving copies of essential

travel documents with an easily contactable person back home.



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