Avoiding the gym? A good way to get you there is to prep a bag with everything you need.

Then, all you have to do is grab it and walk out the front door.


If you can’t fit in a workout before work and plan to do one on the way home, make sure you have a good sports bra, your favourite sneakers, socks, a singlet and leggings in your bag.

Quarry Fitness personal trainer Carla Bond says it is also a good idea to pack spares of “everything” just in case you forget to re-stock.

“I always carry a spare top just in case I need to pop into the shops or am meeting friends for a post-workout coffee or snack, ” she says.


Exercising to music will make your workout go faster, keep you motivated and make it more fun so don’t forget to pack your iPod and earphones, says Fernwood Women’s Health Club Cannington club manager Tamara Hocking.

“I love training to music, ” she says.

“In the group fitness room when I teach I love it loud and find it motivates members.

“It sure does make me finish my reps and just go that bit harder.”


You’ll need to rehydrate after all that sweating so don’t forget to include a good water bottle among your essentials.

Alfie Pezzi, from Waterbobble Australia, says to look for a design that is free of phthalates, BPA and PVC — things proven to cause health issues — when choosing a workout water bottle.

“You also want something that’s cool, portable and, importantly, makes tap water taste so much better, ” he said.

“Bobble water bottles tick all these boxes but also save you money from buying single-serve water bottles each week.”

Bobble Sport costs $11.95 from waterbobble.com.au.


A towel to mop sweat from your forehead or to wipe down exercise equipment is another must, according to Ms Bond.

She says it is also worth packing a second towel if you plan to shower at the gym so you don’t have to use a sweaty towel to get dry.


It may be the smallest item in your bag but lip balm could prove a lifesaver for before, during and post-workout, according to beauty editor Zoe Foster Blake.

She is the brains behind the Go-To beauty label, which last year released a new lip balm called Lips! ($14.95 from gotoskincare.com).

“Wearing lip balm is a must at the gym because you’ll be breathing hard and therefore expelling a lot more air out of your mouth, which will quickly dry out your lips.

“It’s also a good idea to slather some on post workout, to nourish and comfort lips that have basically just been exposed to a high-grade wind tunnel, ” she says.


Don’t give yourself an excuse to miss your workout because you get a blister, a headache suddenly comes on, or you forget to pack the unmentionables because it is that time of the month.

Simply pop some pain relief, blister pads, tampons and even a razor in a zip-lock bag to get you through any crisis that may arise, says Ms Bond. “Always pack spare hair ties and clips for those inevitable blowouts, ” she says.


Sweating at the gym is a good thing but a stinky scent post-workout isn’t, so make sure deodorant is always in your gym bag.

“It really is a shower in a can if you don’t have time for the real thing, ” Ms Bond says.


If you don’t have time to wash your hair but can’t stand the slicked- back sweaty look, give your hair a quick once over with a good dry shampoo or styling cream.

Color Wow’s Gail Federici says the brand’s One Minute Transformation Styling Cream (30ml, $12, from hairhousewharehouse.com.au) can be applied to dry hair and is perfect to rub through your hair after a gym session.


Having something to eat or drink packed away in your bag for after training is essential to refuel your body, according to Ms Hocking.

“I like to sip on electrolytes while training and have a protein shake or some fruit straight after a weights session, ” she says.

Swisse have released a naturally sweetened Low Carb Protein Bar that is less than 100 calories and fits neatly in your gym bag. It comes in mint, coconut, caramel, honeycomb, cherry and orange and costs $2.95 each from Woolworths.


•Thongs, unless you prefer standing in the barefoot in the gym shower.

•Spare change for a healthy snack or a post-workout caffeine fix .

•Plastic bags to separate dirty from clean clothes.


“A good gym bag needs to have lots of pockets so all of the essentials have their own easy access spot and are not lost in a black hole of a bag mixed in with sweatbands, shorts and socks, ” Carla Bond says.


Weightlifting gloves, goggles, cap, yoga mat, bathers — if it’s a specific type of exercise that requires equipment, make sure it is in your bag ready to go.


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