It’s that time of the year again — and I am not talking about Valentine’s Day. School ball season is among us people!

If you’re a parent of a senior high schooler, or a student yourself, you’ll know all too well about the work that goes into preparing and planning for the ball.

In the nine years I have been doing school ball make-up, this year has been the standout — I have been so impressed by the make-up trends the girls are choosing.

Whether you’re getting a daughter ready for the school ball, or planning your own look, the makeup trend for belles is a fresh look.

This means allowing the skin to breathe with a light and dewy look. Thankfully, many girls avoid the face packed thick with foundation and instead appreciate their youthful features. Many of the belles I work with opt for a soft bronzed smokey eye, subtle liner and delicate lashes.

The make-up styles of actresses Blake Lively, Scarlett Johansson and model Cara Delevingne best reflect the hottest make-up trend for school balls. It’s all about fresh and natural.

So here are my recommendations for gorgeous School Ball makeup:

The eyes

Go for a more classic eye, with a smokey edge. Go for bronze that shimmers softly into a nude pink or gentle peachy gold and finish it off with a chocolate-brown liner to complement these vintage-inspired colours.

The brows

Add definition by brushing brows up and apply a hint of bronzer sweeping over the cheeks, loaded with extra shimmer and highlighter to create absolute skin glow.

The lips

The lip is kept nude with a touch of gloss. This look is flawless and youthful. I’m seeing some gorgeous bouncing curls and soft braids trending amongst this year’s belles.

Your clutch is there for a reason girls; make sure you pop a compact powder and lippie in it so you can touch up your make-up during the night.

If you are confused about what sort of look you are after, spend some time searching images on Pinterest or Google, which you can show to your make-up artist/hairstylist as inspiration.

Remember, simple is more and less is best!


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