Don’t want to get stuck watching Love Actually or The Notebook this Valentine’s Day? WestMate has you covered. We’ve gone and found the best V-Day movies guys can enjoy too. And no usual suspects, either. No Wedding Crashers, There’s Something About Mary or When Harry Met Sally. And ABSOLUTELY NO KATHERINE HEIGL!

We’re not even talking romance or rom-coms really but out-of-the-box flicks with loved-up subplots. You should enjoy the following five films, fellas, and if she’s a keeper, so should she. And, with a bit of luck, you’ll get a little reward as the credits roll.


If you haven’t seen the Oscar contender, which nabbed best actress for the lovely Jennifer Lawrence, now’s the time, fellas. She’ll swoon over Bradley Cooper as a guy just out of the funny farm after a breakdown and still obsessing over his former flame. He meets his match in Lawrence’s even nuttier nymphomaniac and agrees to be her dance partner. Their chemistry is electric but there’s also a lot of NFL talk, punch-ups and Bobby De Niro. What more could a man want?

BLOKE’S BONUS: Um, hello, Jennifer Lawrence in leotards!


OK, so this raunchy R-rated comedy comes with “high level sex scenes, sexual references and coarse language”. But there’s something for open-minded girls as platonic roommates Seth Rogen and Elizabeth Banks make a no-budget porno to pay the bills. And be warned; there’s a lot of smutty sex and sex talk, plus “roles” for real-life strippers and porn stars. But it also develops into a sweet love story as the two besties fall hard during filming. See, there is something for the girls!

BLOKE’S BONUS: Former porn star Traci Lords as Bubbles.


Seth Rogen rides again in this surprisingly great comedy-drama with a romantic twist. He’s best buds with Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who discovers he has a rare cancer and is given a 50/50 chance of dying. Enter the gorgeous young Anna Kendrick as the shrink helping him deal with it. Their doctor-patient relationship goes further than usual in very sweet, unexpected ways. But things never get mushy, fellas, especially with Rogen cursing and smoking it up.

BLOKE’S BONUS: Um, Anna Kendrick in a doctor’s coat. “Nurse!”


It may be written and directed by Richard “rom-com” Curtis but don’t reject this recent Brit rom-com just yet. It comes with a time-travel twist and no foppish Hugh Grant in the lead. Instead, unlucky-in-love Domhnall Gleeson discovers he has the ability to travel through time, and goes back into the past to improve his chances with the ladies. Enter the gorgeous Rachel McAdams. You also get Bill Nighy as his sage father and funny sequences where he goes back to improve his moves in bed. If only . . .

BLOKE’S BONUS: The Wolf of Wall Street’s Aussie hottie Margot Robbie as his first love.


You know you’re on a winner when a flick starts with a close-up of Scarlett Johansson’s perfect bottom! Our only bona fide romance film on this list follows an impossible love that develops between her bored girlfriend and Bill Murray’s movie star as they bond among Tokyo’s bars, karaoke clubs and sushi trains. Scored with a dreamlike soundtrack, this is every older male’s fantasy, and it’s topped off with one of the best final scenes in movie history.

BLOKE’S BONUS: Murray’s line: “You want me to rip your stockings?”


•Out of Sight

•Something Wild


•(500) Days of Summer

•Drinking Buddies


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