Say goodbye to cellulite this summer. There are some fantastic spa treatments available to banish the orange-peel dimples once and for all. Mind+Body takes a look at some of our favourites — all best taken with a dose of healthy diet and exercise.

1. Modesty Blaise Face and Body, North Perth

- Try the Lumologie Cellulite Reduction

Lumologie stimulates blood and lymph circulation to firm up trouble zones. It involves cleansing cups that encourage collagen production and skin regeneration, while reducing water retention and fatty cellulite deposits, according to Modesty Blaise’s Celeste Fiore. A 30-minute treatment may involve slight discomfort and post-treatment redness or slight itching due to the stimulation of circulation, however there is no downtime. Each treatment is $62.95, or $629.50 for 12.

Phone 9228 3330 or visit

2. Body Wisdom, Mt Hawthorn

- Try the Endermologie Lipomassage with the LPG Endermolab

Customised Endermologie treatments combine suction and roller manipulation of cellulite tissues, aiding in the reduction of cellulite, stubborn fat, and fluid retention. In addition, it may rejuvenate scar tissue, improve circulation and revitalise a sluggish metabolism. “Treatments benefit men and women, ” Body Wisdom’s Sally La Rocca says. For the best results book at least 20 treatments. A package of 20 costs $2500 but individual treatments and other packages are available and include an LPG Body Stocking and other extras.

Phone 9444 8998 or visit

3. Chrysalis Beauty Clinic, Wanneroo

- Try the Vacushape

The Vacushape involves walking on a treadmill enclosed by a vacuum chamber from the waist down, which operates under low atmospheric pressure. It exercises the muscles and increases blood supply and circulation to the cellulite fat- prone areas of the body. “Energy expenditure increases by up to 50 per cent in comparison with walking on the treadmill without the use of the vacuum, ” Chrysalis’ Donna Lauber says. Generally you will notice results after 12 30-minute sessions and an initial 2-3 training sessions per week for a period of eight weeks is recommended. Package sessions are 10 for $295 or 20 for $495.

Phone 9404 7720 or visit

4. Looks Divine Medispa, Perth

- Try the Venus Freeze

This treatment works to reduce cellulite and tighten the skin through a synergy of magnetic pulses and radio frequency to the trouble zones.

Not convinced? Ruth Lavell-Lee from Looks Divine recommends looking up Venus Concept on YouTube to see the method in action. “The patient will experience heat — as we need to get the skin above 40 degrees within 10 minutes — but it’s a pleasurable warm sensation. You will need approximately six 20-minute sessions for cellulite and up to 10 for circumferential fat reduction, ” Ms Lavell-Lee says. Each session costs $250 to $350 depending on the area being treated.

Phone 9321 3551 or see

5. Dermedica Perth Cosmetic Clinic, Scarborough

- Try the Exilis

“Cellulite can be a difficult condition to treat, ” Dermedica’s Joanna Teh says. “There are many options but not all can give a definitive result. We have seen improvement using our skin tightening device as well as skin needling.”

For small and medium-sized fatty areas, Exilis can be a better option than liposuction as it’s more convenient and with less recovery time. It works on improving body shape via fat reduction but also promoting tighter- looking skin using monopolar radio frequency, which may reduce the appearance of dimpling if the client has skin laxity.

Most people need four to six treatments, with the cost of the treatment starting from $399 per area, depending on size. At Dermedica you will be examined by a doctor to determine whether the treatment will be effective for you. Phone 9205 1985 or

6. Ageless Beauty Skin CareClinic, Mirrabooka

- Try Acoustic Wave Therapy

This Swiss technology can be combined with mud wraps to help detoxify and reduce cellulite.

“It draws on the same high energy pulsed acoustic ‘shockwaves’ used in hospitals for the fragmentation of kidney stones and gallstones, ” Cynthia Paull says. “Patients notice an improvement in their skin texture and elasticity, reduced appearance of stretch marks and a reduction in circumference measurement.” Clients are typically treated twice per week for up to five weeks. The price per session depends on the location, number of areas treated and the severity of cellulite but typically ranges from $100-$200. Reductions apply for packages and multiple areas and 10 sessions is the recommended duration of a complete course.

Phone 9207 1107 or visit

7. Hypoxi Toning Studios, Duncraig

- Try Hypoxi

Hypoxi aims to change the shape of the lower body, where women are generally pear-shaped, and cellulite, fat deposits, or dimpling can be a problem.

Hypoxi requires the client to get their heart rate to an optimum fat-burning level with one of their two machines, after which vacuum therapy is applied to the problem areas. The machines are similar to a bicycle trainer, except the client is enclosed within a vacuum chamber from the hips or waist down, or in the Vacunaut the client wears a negative pressure suit of airtight neoprene on the bicycle/treadmill trainer.“Results are going to vary greatly between each individual, but generally clients lose between 10 to 30cms from waist to knee over 12 treatments, ” Hypoxi Toning’s Sue Cotterell says. A block of 12 Hypoxi sessions is $690 or $69 per session.

Phone 9448 7480 or visit

8. Le Beau Day Spa, Kardinya

- Try Accent XL

Designed to rejuvenate ageing skin in a non-invasive, radio-frequency based procedure, the Accent XL treats two separate layers of skin.

“The dual-layer thermotherapy is effective in treating loose, sagging skin, and uneven skin texture and tone, ” Le Beau’s Karen Skewes says. The technique requires no downtime, making it a popular alternative for both men and women who do not want to commit to surgery. Most procedures require about 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the size of the area being treated, and are often likened to a hot stone massage. Around 6-10 treatments may be required and arms can be done in three, says Ms Skewes. They start from $350 per treatment, and if you buy two you get one free.

Phone 9331 1122 or visit

9. Inspire Cosmetic Surgery, Nedlands and Mt Lawley

- Try Thermage

Thermage is a non-invasive radiofrequency cosmetic procedure to help smooth, tighten and contour skin.

According to Anh Nguyen from Inspire, there is no permanent cure for cellulite but Thermage can improve the appearances of early stages of cellulite and deliver natural-looking results with little to no downtime.

The procedure is performed to help tighten existing collagen and stimulate new natural collagen growth, and can involve discomfort. It requires a single one-hour session after which immediate results are visible. Results continue to improve for up to six months and can last for years. Average costs for treatment are $2000-$3000 per area.

Phone Inspire Cosmetic Surgery 92036607 or visit


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