Whether you have a long engagement or your big day is just around the corner, there’s time to make a difference and look fabulous for your wedding.

Follow our countdown tips:

6 months to go

FITNESS: Although it is best to train the entire body with cardio and resistance, particular areas may need special attention. “Some brides planning to wear strapless gowns like to tone their shoulders and arms, therefore they may wish to add an extra workout focusing on these areas, ” Runaway Brides co-owner Tegan Wyatt said. “Some heading to beach honeymoons wish to work on the core and leg areas and will incorporate more lower body work into their regime.”

BEAUTY: See your beauty therapist now to organise a facial treatment plan. Affinity Day Spa manager Alex Gavranic, said most brides-to-be are concerned about dehydration — something which a series of facials will combat — and pigmentation. Peels may take several months, so get in early.

3 months to go

FITNESS: Don’t get so consumed with planning the wedding that you neglect your health needs, Ms Wyatt warned. “Schedule regular exercise sessions and make them an integral part of your week, ” she said, adding working out with your bridal party or fiance was a good idea.

BEAUTY: Don’t forget your feet said Museo manager Nicole McPheat. “It depends on how dry and damaged their feet are. Two pedicures, one just before the wedding and one a month before, is fine.

However, for brides with dry feet or cracked heels, some more intensive therapy might be required. We suggest perhaps three to four professional pedicures and good homecare, consisting of a great pedi-paddle for buffing dry skin off heels, and super-rich foot cream.”

1 month to go

FITNESS: If you are at your goal now, stick with the exercise to maintain what you’ve achieved, Ms Wyatt said. For those who have not yet reached their target, or have not started any exercise at all, don’t lose all hope just yet. “Definitely start a regime but be realistic with the goals you set yourself.”

BEAUTY: To get those hands into fine form for close-up photos, apply a twice-daily multi-vitamin hand and nail treatment, The Dermal Institute’s Emma Hobson said. “This will hydrate and moisturise the skin, and act as a dynamic nail treatment.”

1 week to go

BEAUTY: To achieve an even tan all-over, the skin needs a bit of prep beforehand. Mrs Gavranic said that exfoliating the whole body and applying creams in the lead-up to tanning day will clear up any parched skin. She recommended a professional intense body booster treatment a week to two weeks prior, and again a few days before, to have the skin in peak condition for a spray tan.

BEAUTY: With just seven days to go, it’s time to get your lips in kissable shape. Ms Hobson suggested using a gentle microfoliant twice a week to keep lips silky. Afterwards, smooth on a moisturising balm for rehydration. This would also enhance the look and longevity of lipstick, she said.


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