It’s hard to get motivated for a busy day at work or excited for a night on the town when you’re rushing to get ready. Maybe your hair just isn’t co-operating, your skin is dull or greasy or you don’t have time for your usual beauty regime. Whatever the issue, at Mind+Body we’ve got you covered.


Perth beauty experts share their top tips to have you looking and feeling glamorous in no time . .

The problem: Your hair is greasy or lacking volume

What to do:

Try a matte texturising dust. “It soaks up excess oil as well as creating some volume at the root area, ” says Justin Zeiser, senior colour technician at Fatty Arbuckles Hair Artistry.

Once you’ve worked it into your hair with your fingers, blast with a dryer to remove any excess dust.

Dig out your velcro rollers.

Blow-dry a few sections of hair around your crown and pop the rollers in before you start your morning routine. Once you’ve finished, they should be cooled down. Take them out, blow-dry on a cool setting and finish off with some hairspray.

The problem: Your hair has been in a ponytail or bun at work all day

What to do:

Wear it down.

Brush your hair, dampen the worst areas with some water, pull it taught away from the scalp to stretch out the kink and blow-dry. Smooth over the top layers with a straightening iron and finish with a de-frizz serum.

Wear it up.

Go from work bun to stylish topknot. Pull your hair into a tight, high ponytail, tease it and spray with hairspray or matte texturising dust. Form it into a bun and secure with another hair tie.

The problem: Your skin is dull or greasy

If your skin looks and feels dull, it’s probably dehydrated.

“In Australia, we all suffer from dehydration — that’s what ages us, ” says Karen Skewes, owner at Le Beau Day Spa.

What to do:

Pop in to your day spa for an express facial.

“We have a half-hour facial that consists of a cleanse, tone, exfoliate, massage, mask and hydrating moisturiser, ” says Atalie Taylor, owner at Anais Face and Body Works.

Freshen up with a reviving mist.

Ms Skewes says a reviving mist will activate ingredients in your skin cream and hydrate the skin.

“If you’re out and about and your make-up is looking a bit dull, a light spray over your face will freshen it up, ” she says.

Look after your skin long-term.

Ms Taylor recommends using a lactic exfoliator and hydrating mask, using warm water to cleanse and cool water after the mask has been removed. She also suggests using Vitamin A at night and Vitamin C during the day.

The problem: You don’t have time for your usual make-up regime

What to do:

Use a BB cream.

“There are no brushes required — you put it on, massage it in and walk out the door, ” Ms Skewes says.

Look for a BB cream with good moisturising properties and coverage, plus SPF content.

Touch up with a mineral powder.

Ms Taylor believes mineral powder is best for your skin.

“Go over your whole face with the powder, then top up your lipstick and it will refresh your whole face, ” she says.

Go bright.

Jocelyn Derecourt, owner of Cove Spa, recommends blush on the apple of the cheek and a bright lipstick to add some quick glam on a night out.

Go bold.

Red, dark plum and popping fuchsias are great lip-colour options to create instant glamour. Even if you don’t have time to do anything else, a bold lipstick will give you an immediate lift as you rush into your next event. We love Chanel #19 Gabriele lipstick.


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