It’s one thing to exercise and eat right to shape yourself into a swimsuit — but there are some essential extras to have you looking fabulous at the beach or pool.

Get some extra (fake) colour, catch up on waxing and hone in on orange-peel, cellulite-prone zones with these great tips.


Nothing says “bikini season” like a tan. Don’t bake yourself in the sun — it does nothing but accelerate ageing and makes you more susceptible to skin cancer. There are several excellent fake-tanning options available that beauty experts say give an authentic, healthy colour.

A good fake tan will give you a healthy glow before you even set foot on the beach. Denise Barfield, manager and beauty therapist at WTM — Waxing Tanning Makeup in Midland, says there are many advantages to getting a fake tan to prepare for the bikini season.

“You can achieve a natural, healthy tan without exposing yourself to the UV of the sun and it’s an easy-to-maintain tan without tan lines, ” she says.

To achieve a great tan, Ms Barfield says it is important to prep the skin with a non-oil-based exfoliant to keep the skin moisturised and allow for a smoother tan application.


To look smooth and hair-free in a bikini, Dawn Cary, manager at 2 Glo Hair and Beauty, says waxing is a fast and easy way to remove unwanted hair from the bikini area, underarms, legs and arms.

“Waxing looks a lot smoother and avoids the bumpy rashes that can result from shaving, ” she says. “I would recommend getting waxed every four to six weeks, depending on the rate of hair growth.”

To ensure you are bikini-ready, Ms Cary recommends bringing your bikini to the salon with you to try on because the type of wax required (from a bikini wax to a full Brazilian) will depend on the shape of the bikini.


No one wants cellulite but you can reduce it in time for summer.

Amy Glynn, beauty therapist at Chrysalis Beauty Clinic, says cellulite-reduction machine VacuShape is an effective way to rock that bikini. “The VacuShape is like a treadmill that you are encased in — it speeds up the metabolism and works areas in the buttocks and the thighs, ” she says. “After eight to 12 sessions you notice a great difference in tone. It helps to reduce cellulite and lose inches if you follow the at-home recommendations and healthy eating.”

A 30- minute session costs $50 or you can buy a package of 10 sessions for $295.

Dry-body brushing is also a great DIY option to target pesky cellulite.

“Use a body brush twice a day in upwards strokes, then use an anti-cellulite cream, ” Ms Glynn says. “Dry-body brushing removes dead skin cells and helps the cellulite cream to penetrate.”


Healthy hair is important for looking great in summer, so Allison Thomas, hairdresser at 2 Glo Hair and Beauty recommends a trim every six weeks and a conditioning treatment every four to six weeks.

“If possible, don’t get hair wet when you go to the beach, ” she adds. “If you get hair wet, wash it the same day with a decent shampoo and conditioner.”

Some simple styling will complete your summer- goddess look.

“Shampoo and condition, then dry with a hairdryer and spritz hair with a sea salt spray, ” Ms Thomas says. “It gives that gorgeous beach-tussled look without going to the beach.”

Spray Tan Tips

•Bring loose, dark clothing to wear after your tan to avoid getting your clothes stained by the fresh tan.

•Don’t wear a bra straight after getting a spray tan to avoid strap marks.

•Keep skin moisturised to allow for a better and smoother tan application.

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