She is one of Perth’s leading young entrepreneurs, making waves in fashion and business.

And now top brand manager Bree Smith, who co-owns Jett Fashion Agency, has embarked on a bright new venture involving summer’s most sought-after accessory.

She says that while WA is known for many things — sunny weather, idyllic beaches and beautiful women — one thing there is a shortage of is premium resort- style towels, leading her to create her own line, The Towel Collective, with close friend Matt Kenevin.

“I’ve worked in fashion brand management for close to 10 years now with premium labels and quality product (but) the one thing I always struggled to purchase was a luxurious beach towel, ” Smith explained to AAA.

“Living on the northern beaches of Perth, this fast became a need, so I thought why not make them ourselves. Perth is so driven by its lifestyle culture and The Towel Collective really unifies that lifestyle.”

After spending time developing the brand last summer, Smith and Kenevin lured famed Perth-raised, Sydney-based photographer brothers Andy and Nick Lawrence back to their home State to capture the dreamy campaign imagery.

Smith also recruited renowned local models Katie Sinclair and Fabienne Vanderhaeghen for the shoot — the exact faces she imagined during the early stages of brand planning.

“Katie encapsulates everything about the brand; she’s bold, bright, beautiful and relatable, ” the fashion guru explained.

“Fabienne is out of this world; it was incredible to work with a model as high- profile as her.”

Even before they officially launch the brand, the creatives have already been approached by leading swimwear and apparel labels to collaborate on future collections.

And world domination is not too far away either, according to Smith.

“We also plan to take The Towel Collective on a northern hemisphere summer next year, ” she said. “Europe and America are definite goals for us.”


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