Oh hey there groom, no we haven't forgotten this is your wedding too. While some grooms can be pretty nonchalant about their wedding 'look' at the beginning, we're yet to meet one who doesn't end up getting a little bit into it. And while everyone is ooh-ing and arr-ing over the bride, make no mistake there will be plenty of eyes (and cameras) on you too.


To ge the ball rolling, make sure you and your bride are on the same page in terms of styles - there's no point in the bride wearing a formal dress with a 2m train, if the groom is in chinos and a linen shirt. So, without diging too deep into the secrets of her dress, chat together about the general style of your wedding and the ideas you each have as to how you'll both look, including how formal or informal and the colour scheme, and make sure you agree on a style you will both love and be comfortable with.


While it's important to match the bride and her dress,

this is your wedding too, so make sure you wear something you love and reflects your personality.



The time of year will play a large part in what kind of suit (if you choose a suit, that is) you wear on your big day. For a wedding held in the warmer months, look at lighter coloured suits made of lightweight materials so you don't swelter in the heat. Heavier wools and classic darker colours are best for the cooler months.

Although you may think a suit is just a suit, you really have almost as many choices to make as the bride when it comes to your attire. You can go with a two or three-piece suit, double or single button, high or wide collar shirt, tapered leg or straight leg, and a thin, standard tie, bow tie or cravat. Really it comes down to the style of the wedding, what your bride is wearing and what you look and feel best in.


Men can generally get away with doing very little prep work in the grooming department, but if there's one day when you need to make an effort it's your wedding day. Like the bride, you'll be followed around by numerous cameras so you want to look your best.

Now is not the time to try a new hairdresser or barber (and certainly not a new hair style), but rather go and get a cut a few days before the wedding with someone you know and trust can do a good job.

If you plan on rocking facial hair, make sure it's well trimmed and neat, otherwise the clean-shaven look is always a winner. And, although it doesn't sound very masculine, clip those nails and make sure they're squeaky clean because as well as shaking a few hands, your new wedding band will be a real focus.


Once you're all sorted, the next thing to organise is the other gentlemen who will be standing up at the altar with you - your best man and groomsmen.

Traditionally they would all wear matching suits, often the same or at least similar in style to the groom's, but there are no set rules. A fun way to tie the bridal and groom's party together is to choose colours from the bridesmaid's bouquets and incorporate them into the groomsmen's outfits through a colourful tie, waistcoat or buttonhole flower.


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