While any form of exercise is good for us, working the same body part while overlooking others can leave your health and your physique lacking.

“Remember your body is a complete machine and training one body part will simply make you stronger and more powerful in that one area, ” Atlas Performance head strength coach Sean Connolly said.

“This is where you become a one-trick pony. Full-body training is always great for fitness, strength and for losing body fat. It’s tough but rewarding.”

While running and walking are the most popular types of exercise for Australian women, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Mr Connolly said they might not get your body to where you want it to be.

“Running is a fun sport, but will not do anything in toning your body, nor will it build the lean muscle mass required for it to create that tone, ” he said. “Many runners have great lean legs but a soft top.”

The solution is to find the yin to your fitness yang and incorporate additional exercises to help find the balance. “All you need to incorporate is a smart resistance training program that will aid in increasing strength and performance, ” Mr Connolly said.

Fitness First WA personal training area manager Steve Irwin said you should invest in the assistance of a fitness professional to help you plan ways to balance your workouts. “You may want to combine a balance of fun sports activities like golf, touch footy, tennis, etc, with gym work along with leisure activities like walking the dog, ” he said.

“The importance of finding a balanced fitness regime is trying to do the things that you enjoy doing, don’t get bored with too easily and can include your friends and family in.”

Mr Irwin said ultimately the key to creating a well-rounded healthy and fit lifestyle was to spend time on each of the five key elements of fitness: flexibility, core, cardio, resistance training and nutrition.

Flexibility: “Balance your body and release tension through regular flexibility training such as yoga, Pilates and stretching, ” Mr Irwin said.

Core: The core is where all movement begins, ” Mr Irwin said. “Lay the foundations and provide stability before building the body you want.”

Cardio: “Fire up your engine by engaging in cardio exercise to strengthen your heart and lungs. Try spin classes or light jogging.”

Resistance Training: “Not only will your body function better by improving your strength, it will become more efficient at burning calories. Use a personal trainer or jump into a Body Pump class.”

Nutrition: “Power up your life and energise your workouts by eating the right quantity and quality of food, ” Mr Irwin said. “Speak with a nutritionist for expert advice.”

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