The top 10 make-up tools are the essentials that every woman should have in her make-up bag.

1. The humble Cotton Round

The cotton round (cotton cleansing pads) is by far one of the best tools in my make-up kit. Not only is it great for removing make-up but if you fold it down into a triangle (in half and in half again) you can use the tip to clean up any make-up smudges and further define precision eye work.

2. The Lash Comb

The lash comb has replaced mascara wands in my top-10 make-up tools, because it gives such a good result. Apply the mascara to your lash comb and sweep the lashes from the root to the tip. You will find your lashes will be evenly coated in mascara every time, allowing you to be more in control of volume, curl and separation.

3. The Buffing Brush

The buffing brush is my ultimate go-to brush when creating an even base. Rather than dab and flick a small foundation brush, you can cover a greater area by buffing the brush back and forth across the forehead, cheeks and jawline. Starting in the centre of the face and blending out, this gives an even and blended coverage on every application.

4. A Good Pencil Sharpener

The simple pencil sharpener is not only an important hygiene tool for cleaning but it also gives life back to every pencil.

5. The Lip Brush

Lip brushes are one of the most diverse brushes in my kit — they are perfectly domed and firm, which means they hold their shape when applying lip colour. They also make the perfect brush for liquid eyeliner application.

6. The Fan Brush

I use my fan brush to catch eyeshadow fallout when creating a strong, smokey eye. It is an excellent friend for mopping up make-up errors.

7. The Lip Exfoliator

Cracked, dry lips make make-up feel uncomfortable. I recommend exfoliating your lips before applying your make-up and a simple way to do this is with a homemade lip exfoliant made up of 1 tsp coconut oil (or olive oil) and 1 tsp raw sugar. Gently exfoliate this remedy over your lips and remove with warm water and a cotton round. The water will melt the sugar and leave a conditioning coating of hydration. Your lipstick will last longer and your lips will feel much better.

8. Micropore tape

Micropore tape is gentle enough to use on the skin and can be found at most pharmacies. It creates a perfect stencil edge when creating winged eyeliner. Use the tape to line up your wing on both eyes before you start to make sure the liner is applied evenly. Once you have applied your liner, wait for it to dry and gently remove the tape from the outsides.

9. Tiny Beauty Scissors

There is always a use for tiny beauty scissors. From cutting cotton rounds and tape to trimming lashes down to size before applying them, these little scissors are a gem in any make-up kit. Be sure to shorten the length of lash strips by cutting from the outer corner, as the lashes are shorter towards the inner corner. If you are trimming the length of the lash strands, cut into the lash, as opposed to flat cutting. This will cause your lashes to look blunt.

10. Individual Eyelashes

I love working with individual eyelashes. They can be used to create a soft length and extension by applying 2-3 lashes at the end; or a full- blown lash attack, applying lashes the whole way across the lash line. Individual lashes can also be used to balance out uneven lashes and lash extensions.

Even if you just start out with a few of these make-up essential tools and gradually build up your kit, you’ll notice the difference this helpful equipment makes.


  • Shampoo your make-up brushes in warm water to remove product build-up which, if left, will fester with bacteria.
  • Wash only the hair of the brush, rinse out and lay the brush down on a dry towel with the bristles hanging over the edge of the counter and allow them to dry naturally. Never stand your brushes up as this will cause water to run into the wood and ruin your brush.
  • Wash your brushes every few weeks.


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