Arguably every bride’s most important purchase before her wedding is the gown. Choosing the perfect one can be tricky but Mind & Body has sourced tips from Perth’s bridal experts to make the process easier. Plus they’re amazing to dream about!

“Bridal fashion has never been so exciting — brides these days are so lucky with the amazing choice, ” says Michelle Harris, owner at Tuscany Bridal.

 Lyn Payne, assistant manager at Hobnob Bridal, says lace is still running strong.

“Off the catwalk, I’d say lace is the big thing at the moment — and it’s been for a little while, ” she says.

“Girls are going back to the more old-world charm.”

Elena Quintela- Tarrant, manager at Pallas Couture agrees, placing French haute couture label Chanel at the top of her list for feminine designs. “Chanel is my stand-out bridal style — we just love the attention to detail with all the feminine flower details, ” she says.

Choosing the right white

“There is a much wider variety of colours — gowns are now available in white, ivory, oyster, champagne, blush, pewter and more, ” Ms Harris says.

“We sell a lot of off-white. It’s still quite pale, so most guests at the wedding may even think it’s white but it has a touch of warmth and is definitely more flattering to most complexions.”

Ms Quintela-Tarrant says stark white is best saved for a red-carpet look.

“We tend to favour a more natural colour for our brides, ” she says.

“Naturals are softer and fresher on skin tones.”

The verdict: It doesn’t have to be white.

Choosing the right shape

Whether you are after a full dress, slim dress or a fishtail (fitted in the bodice with a flared skirt), there is sure to be a shape that’s perfect for your body.

“Bridal gowns are so varied, you can really choose whatever you want, ” Ms Harris says.

“The great thing about this is that you can choose a style that suits your figure.”

Ms Quintela-Tarrant says the modern princess shape and slim silhouette dresses stand out to her.

Ms Harris says a slim-line lace gown looks great on all sizes, while a full gown, accentuating the bust and waistline, can flatter a pear-shape body type.

Ms Payne says having a consultant can help when choosing the right shape because they can show you how shapes you are not used to can work.

“I find most girls will come in and they will pick out dresses that they know and shapes they’ve worn before, ” Ms Payne says.

“That’s what we’re here for — to help them find that perfect gown and show them something different.”

The verdict: There’s a huge selection — be open to things you haven’t tried before.

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