It is one of the smallest rooms in the house, but it is also one of the most used and, quite often, one of the most neglected.

We have compiled some quick and cost-effective tips to take it from rubbish to ravishing.

  • Storage in a laundry is key.

    Add storage wherever you can, including open shelving or overhead cabinets if there is room.
  • Save on floor space, think up.

    Mount appliances on the wall, build storage solutions and hang items like ironing boards on the wall out of the way.
  • Go clean.

    In a space where a lot of dirt gathers, it is ideal to use smooth, non-porous materials in your design.

    Think laminates, glass, stainless steel, ceramic tile or porcelain.
  • Paint works wonders.

    Paint is honestly one of the most cost-effective and space-changing things you can do — and it shouldn’t just be confined to walls.

    If you use the right products and do the right prep work, you can transform cabinetry, benchtops and even splashbacks.

    Think outside the box and go graphic with your paint for major impact.

    Mask off and paint stripes or stencils on walls and ceilings.

    In an area where wallpaper isn’t the best choice, graphic paint work is a great cost-effective way to add pattern and colour.

    Walls don’t need to be white. Try painting your laundry walls a dramatic shade of charcoal, or the prettiest powder blue — be brave and reap the results.
  • Don’t forget the decor.

    Revive some old storage baskets by spraying them a bold colour and stack them up to add some life to your laundry.
  • Splurge where necessary.

    Like any room in the house, put your money into quality pieces that will last.

    Good-quality appliances will make your laundry life easier.

    Also, always hire reputable professionals if undertaking major works.
  • Dress your laundry.

    Just like you would any other room in the house. Once you have the bare bones in place, add some decorative layers with accent lighting, a stool or chair, some decor items, a rug and some art.

    There is no reason the laundry should not be as attractive as the rest of the house.
  • Hide and seek.

    If you are short on space and need to squeeze your appliances into tight confines, consider adding concertina doors to hide away any mess.


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