For many, the words “bridal party” are enough to cause panic. After all, it’s a big day and the person in charge of make-up can be praised — or blamed — for how things turn out. But to make things easier, there are two clear rules for deciding on bridal make-up:


- Rule 1. The bride must be unique.

- Rule 2. The bride should be timeless.

This means, that in five, 10 or even 20 years time you are able to look back at your photos without cringing or wishing you’d done your make-up differently.

It goes without saying that the fashion of today won’t be the fashion of tomorrow, however simple and beautiful bridal make-up can forever remain stylish.

This bridal season, there has been a shift from dark smouldering eyes into more fresh and vibrant make-up. Brides are choosing to celebrate warmer, brighter colours, setting aside the safe chocolate-brown palette. By choosing these warmer tones over the cooler tones, using peaches over pinks, brides are looking more youthful than ever.

Brides have said farewell to a matte foundation and have opted for glowing skin.

This needs to be maintained during summer months with a little powder through the T-zone, to make sure the look is dewy and not shiny.

A well-groomed brow is something all brides should focus on achieving. No bride should have wild brows on her big day. While the contour and structured look is trending on runways, it is not trending down the aisle. Wedding make-up is all about pretty.

Brides are choosing to use bronzers and peachy blushes to create a healthy flush on the apples of their cheeks.

I’m loving the beautiful watermelon tones, peaches and corals for eyes and, while it may seem a little bright for a wedding, the contrast against the white dress is absolutely stunning.

Last year I found many brides chasing the wing-extended eyeliner, whereas this year more brides are looking for a simple edged liner, ending with the eye.

We are using more grey than black to define the eye, keeping it simple and clean. There is also a big move from full-set lashes into individual eyelashes. The look is much softer and more natural.

The lips are balanced into the rest of the make-up, using a soft nude or peach lip stain. Staining the lips instead of using lipstick means the look lasts longer and needs less maintenance.

Ensure you are still true to you when planning your bridal make-up. Always do a trial and make sure your look follows my two rules — unique and timeless.

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